MORE CENSORSHIP: High School Cheerleaders Put On Probation For Holding Trump Flag (VIDEO)

Posted 9.18.2019 by Cameron Shizznit

Cheerleaders at North Stanly High School in North Carolina were put on probation for holding a ‘Make America Great Again Trump 2020’ flag before a home football game.

The students involved said it was “red, white, and blue” night for the football team, and they thought that a red, white, and blue Trump flag would be completely appropriate.

However, the North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) claims that the cheerleaders’ actions were in violation of its policy of making students “feel safe.”

Que Tucker, the NCHSAA Commissioner, released the following statement: “One of the rules we have is that every contest should be conducted in a wholesome, athletic environment. We take that to mean that it’s in an environment where good sportsmanship is shown, where people feel safe…that respect for all people participating is being shown.”

The NCHSAA has put the cheerleading squad on probation for an entire year.

Many Americans believe the NCHSAA has violated the students’ First Amendment rights.

Supporters of the cheerleaders have organized a Facebook event to protest the NCHSAA.  The event is scheduled to take place on Friday, September 20th at North Stanly High School before the school’s home football game.

The Facebook page event encourages Trump supporters to show up while wearing Trump gear and ‘MAGA’ hats to show their support for the cheerleaders.

The Facebook event page currently has over 150 supporters confirmed attending and another 1,000  interested in attending to support the cheerleaders.


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