MUST-SEE: Violent Brawl ERUPTS At Bernie Sanders Rally Over ‘Black Guns Matter’ T-SHIRT (VIDEO)

Posted 2.20.2020 by Steeve Strange

A Black pro-Second Amendment Bernie Sanders supporter was confronted by a violent White “Bernie bro” at a Sanders campaign rally over a “Black Guns Matter” t-shirt that the Black Bernie supporter was wearing.

The anonymous black man told KCNC that he was surprised to see violence erupt at a Sanders rally and that he agreed with all of Sanders’ positions except for gun control.

Despite the violent altercation that was taking place, Sanders continued to deliver his pro-socialist speech.

Bernie Sanders slammed campaign rival Mike Bloomberg for appearing in the Nevada Democrat debate after the Democrat National Committee changing the qualification rules in January in order to allow Bloomberg to participate.

Bloomberg’s latest campaign ad targeted Bernie Sanders for his army of violent psychotic internet trolls called “Bernie bros.”



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