(MUST WATCH) Mob Of 80 People Block Off Entire Street To Rob A Nordstrom In California (VIDEO)

Over 80 individuals stormed and looted a Nordstrom store in California on Saturday night.


In only minutes, burglars wielding crowbars and donning ski masks flooded out of Nordstrom and into the hundreds of automobiles barricading the streets, according to NBC News.

According to Walnut Creek police Lt. Ryan Hibbs, the incident occurred at 9 p.m., which was exactly around the time Nordstrom’s closed, and the police station began receiving calls around that time, according to KPIX 5. According to NBC, one employee was pepper-sprayed, and two others were assaulted and kicked.

According to Hibbs, who spoke to KPIX 5, the quantity of inventory stolen is still unclear, but three persons have been jailed on robbery and firearms charges.

“There was a mob of people,” said a manager at a nearby P.F. Chang’s restaurant, according to CBS San Francisco. “The police were flying in. It was like a scene out of a movie. It was insane.”

Witnesses caught video footage of the raid on Twitter as the thieves spilled out onto the street with bags of items before fleeing to their getaway cars, which jammed the streets.

According to data from the Walnut Creek Police Department, the number of shoplifting charges in the city has climbed by 10% in 2021, reaching 289 incidents, with 262 cases the year before.

On Friday night, less than 24 hours before the Nordstrom theft, a series of lootings took place in the Union Square retail district in San Francisco’s Union Square.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, stores like Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Bloomingdales, Hermes, and Fendi were among those targeted, as were Walgreens and some cannabis businesses.

According to the footage posted on Twitter, the Louis Vuitton store has glass walls shattered and shelves completely emptied. The theft of thousands of dollars worth of products was reported by the San Francisco Chronicle.

“We will flood this area with police officers for the foreseeable future. We will do what we need to do to put an end to this madness”, William Scott, chief of police in San Francisco, said.

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