(MUST WATCH) North Dakota Man Who Attacked Republican US Senator’s Office With An Axe Claims He Is ‘Antifa,’ Only Sentenced To Probation (VIDEO)

According to The Post Millennial, a far-left North Dakota man who was convicted in federal court for attacking a Republican US senator’s office with an axe had links to the far-left, radical militant group Antifa.

On December 21, 2020, Thomas “Tas” Alexander Starks, 31, of Lisbon, North Dakota, was seen on surveillance video attempting to break into the office of Sen. John Hoeven in Fargo, North Dakota, with an axe. In April, he entered a guilty plea, charged with damaging government property, and was sentenced to prison. The federal sentencing guidelines recommended 10–16 months in jail, but he was simply sentenced to probation and fined $2,784 for restitution, according to the court record.

As detailed in court records, Starks’ coworker described him as “politically open and motivated,” as well as “left-leaning” and “extremely active in demonstrations.”
Recently, Starks took to Facebook to express his delight at having his axe returned to him by the FBI.

“Look what the FBI were kind enough to give back to me!” Starks posted this on October 26th.

Starks has also advocated for violence and spread Antifa propaganda while posting on Facebook using the alias “Paul Dunyan,” which is a play on the fabled, axe-wielding lumberjack Paul Bunyan.

With the words “Antifascist” along with Antifa’s red and black flag as his profile avatar, it is clear what Starks’ ideology is: radical. On Oct. 22, Starks tweeted the logo of the Antifascist Action, with the caption “F— Around and Find Out,” and three axe emojis.

When Starks was awaiting a sentence in July, he commented on Facebook: “I am ANTIFA. I will always attack fascists, racial superiority complexes built around nationalism that promotes genocide to fuel a war machine is the worst humanity has to offer.”  Starks’ words are reminiscent of the manifesto made by Antifa gunman Michael Reinoehl, who characterized himself as “100 percent ANTIFA” in a social media post before shooting and murdering Aaron Danielson in Portland, Oregon.

That isn’t the only time Starks refers to political violence. On his Facebook page in April, he discussed using a gun to “hunt fascists” and even using soup cans as missiles to attack police officers. Antifa militants brought frozen water bottles and canned food in their bags during the Black Lives Matter-Antifa riots in Portland last year, intending to use them as missiles against police officers.

Starks may be seen wearing a Socialist Rifle Association t-shirt in several images of himself that have been shared on social media sites. The radical leftist organization is urging its members to take up guns against their fellow leftists. The group had interacted with Ohio Antifa member Connor Betts over Twitter in 2019, just before he was killed while carrying out a fatal mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio.

In another post from this past summer, Starks encouraged people to set their homes on fire, saying, “If they try to kick you out of your home, don’t leave, or find a place to go and burn it down.”

At the time of the axe assault, Starks’ defense attorney, Tatum O’Brien, claimed that his client was suffering from stress as a result of the coronavirus epidemic and was waiting for a COVID-19 relief check from the government.

Democrats in North Dakota have shown support for Starks throughout the year, despite his violent extremism and extremism in general.

Following Starks’ arrest, Democratic officials in North Dakota contributed to his legal defense fund, which garnered thousands of dollars through GoFundMe. Kylie Oversen, the chairperson of the North Dakota Democratic-Nonpartisan League, Ellie Shockley, the executive director of the party, and former lieutenant governor candidate Ellen Chaffee all contributed to Starks’ campaign.

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