(MUST WATCH) Police Arrest Two BLM Supporters Outside The Courthouse Of The Rittenhouse Trial (VIDEO)

According to authorities, two individuals were brought into custody on the steps of the Kenosha County Courthouse on Wednesday as the jury panel neared a decision in the Kyle Rittenhouse’s murder trial.

A 20-year-old male was taken into custody over battery, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest charges, according to the police.  A 34-year-old woman was also taken into custody over disorderly conduct.

Officials stated that numerous policemen were dispatched to “keep crowds of citizens and media from interfering” with the arrests.

“The Kenosha Police Department and the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department fully recognize the importance of media coverage surrounding the trial. The media and the public have a responsibility to give space to law enforcement and allow them to perform their duties. Please do so,” the Kenosha Police Department said in a statement.

In a tweet sent out Wednesday afternoon, the police department stated that they were aware of attempts to distribute false information on social media concerning the trial and that there was “no credible threat to public safety” at the moment.

In a ruling shortly before 4:30 p.m. Central, Judge Bruce Schroeder excused the jury for the day with the panel failing to reach a final verdict on the five counts against Rittenhouse being heard.

Wednesday’s trial brought new developments in a number of different areas of the case. Before the commencement of deliberations, Schroeder defended his decision to enable Rittenhouse to choose the numbers of jurors who would be sent to the alternate jury pool and the judge blasted the media for its coverage of the case.

Both prosecutors and defense counsel argued over the jury’s review of drone footage from the site in Kenosha, Wisconsin, taken the night of the shooting. Defense attorneys claim they didn’t have access to a complete copy of the drone footage until Saturday, after the evidence portion of the trial had ended.

Ultimately, Schroeder determined that reopening of evidence and the testimony of an expert witness was necessary in this case. Jurors were given the opportunity to watch more footage in the courtroom, with the judge and members of the media leaving the room for those viewings.

During that time, the defense in the case met with the judge to discuss its application for a mistrial in the case.  That request is being reviewed without prejudice, which means that the prosecution may be permitted to re-file charges against Rittenhouse.

Rittenhouse is still facing five charges in the case, despite the dismissal of an unlawful firearms allegation by Schroeder earlier this week.

After the shooting of Jacob Blake, a Black man, by a white Kenosha police officer last summer, Rittenhouse, now 18, traveled to Kenosha carrying an AR-style semi-automatic weapon and a medical kit in what he said was an effort to defend property from the destructive riots that were  occurring.

Despite the fact that Rittenhouse and those he shot were both white, the case has sparked debate about vigilantism, the right to carry weapons, and the turmoil that erupted across the United States that summer in response to the deaths of George Floyd and Blake

The defendant, Rittenhouse, testified during the trial that the shooting was in self-defense. Using lethal force in self-defense is only permitted in Wisconsin if it is “necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm.” The jury will have to decide if Rittenhouse felt he was in imminent danger and whether his belief was reasonable under the circumstances.