(MUST WATCH) Tensions Rise As Chinese Government Calls U.S. ‘The Master Of Disinformation’ (VIDEO)

As the Russia-Ukraine crisis continues to grow, Chinese government officials have begun proclaiming fiery rhetoric about the United States.

An official Chinese diplomacy account tweeted out a video Monday morning with the caption, “the US is the master of disinformation and coercive diplomacy, and the biggest saboteur of international and regional peace and stability.”

The video shows Wang Wenbin, the Foreign Ministry spokesperson, bashing the U.S. for its involvement in foreign wars where hundreds of thousands are killed, “yet no one is held accountable.”


The transcript of the video is:

The US purports to maintain the centrality of the UN Charter, but it is clear to anyone that the US doing is quite the opposite. When the UN Security Council refused to authorize the US’ use of force in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Syria and other places, the US and NATO brushed the UN aside and waged wars on sovereign states in wanton interference. 

The US claims to respect human rights, but the war of aggression launched by the US and its allies in countries including Afghanistan and Iraq killed over 300,000 civilians and made over 26 million people refugees. Yet, no one is held accountable for war crimes and crimes against humanity. The US even announced sanctions on the International Criminal Court who would investigate the war crimes of the US military. 

The US asserts opposition to economic coercion, but it is also the US that invented “coercive diplomacy” and excels at coercing countries whether they are big or small, faraway or nearby, friend or foe. The embargo and sanctions imposed on Cuba have lasted half a century and the sanctions slapped on Iran have been there for 40 years. When it comes to stabbing its allies such as the EU and Japan in the back, the US has never hesitated, as we have seen repeatedly. 

Facts have proven that the US is the biggest spreader of disinformation, culprit of coercive diplomacy and saboteur of world peace and stability. From the US-EU dialogue to the US-UK-Australia trilateral security partnership, the Quad and the Five Eyes Alliance, the US is using democracy, human rights, rules and order as a pretext to cover up its shady activities of creating division, stoking confrontation and reaping benefits at the expense of others. As a result, not only small and weak countries are hurt, US allies including Europe are also paying a heavy price for the US’ selfish acts. It is hoped that the EU can see the truth and stop holding the candle to the devil. 

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