New York City Will Impose MASSIVE Fines On Those Who Use The Term “Illegal Alien” (VIDEO)

Posted 10.01.2019 by Cameron Shizznit

New York City has made it illegal to call someone an “illegal alien.”

The NYC Commission on Human Rights announced new legal enforcement guidelines “that defines discrimination on the basis of perceived or actual immigration status.”

New Yorkers can now be fined $250,000 for saying things like “go back to your country” or for calling someone an “illegal alien,” even if said person is in the country illegally.

The guidelines also state that saying anything that is considered to be demeaning or is used for any hateful purposes, including harassment, is now illegal.

Furthermore, the guidelines state that financial damages will be available to the victims, meaning that if you call someone an “illegal alien,” you may have to pay them money.

Many Americans believe this is an unprecedented attack on freedom of speech.  Immigration lawyer Matthew Kolken posted the following tweet about the new speech laws:

Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who just dropped out of the presidential race, forcefully defended the city’s decision to criminalize free speech.

Josh Hammer, a legal expert who opposes the new law, made the argument that “illegal alien” is the proper legal term for describing people in the country illegally.

Many expect this anti-free speech law to be challenged in the courts because the rule violates the First Amendment right to freedom of speech.

Hundreds of people on Twitter said that they believe this is another example of how the Democratic Party has moved to the far-left.  One Twitter user predicted that the new rule will guarantee Trump’s re-election.

According to Gallup, a majority of Americans are worried about illegal immigration.


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