NRCC Poll Found Speaker Nancy Pelosi ‘Most Unpopular Elected Official In The Country’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the most unpopular elected official in the United States, according to an internal survey from the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC).

The Democratic Speaker was found to be “immensely unpopular” across nearly every “key” subgroup included in the GOP poll including women, Hispanics, and union households. 

“Congressional Republicans are in good shape to win the majority as they have an advantage in ticket-splitting districts. Republicans are well positioned to grow their support as voters hear about Nancy Pelosi’s socialist agenda,” the NRCC’s February survey said.

Pelosi’s unpopularity could also bode well for Republicans who seek to take the House majority in 2022 after Republicans were able to flip at least 15 seats from the Democrats in last year’s election.

Pelosi “unpopular” in almost all key subgroup

“There are not enough words to describe just how unpopular and toxic Nancy Pelosi is to voters, including among almost every key subgroup that decides elections,” the survey released March 5 said.

Nancy Pelosi is the most unpopular elected official in the country, with just a 41% favorable and 52% unfavorable rating, including 45% who are very unfavorable to her,” it added.

The NRCC poll — conducted from February 24-28, 2021 among 1,000 voters across 85 battleground congressional districts — also revealed that “in ticket-splitting districts, Pelosi’s image sinks to -20% with 38% saying “favorable” while a bigger 58% perceive the Democratic House Speaker to be “unfavorable.”

“Pelosi is unpopular with almost every key subgroup outside the Democratic base including independents (-21%), suburban women (-8%), white college graduates (-7%), Hispanics (-3%), and even union households (-1%),” it added.

The result came out as the 80-year-old House Speaker unveiled her plan to turn the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives into a “factory for Democrat priorities.” 

COVID-19 “relief bill” is Pelosi’s payoff

Critics have been lashing out at their Democratic colleagues,  for example, after they passed the US$1.9 trillion coronavirus proposal, which Republicans said is more about “pork” and included “pet projects” of  liberals.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy earlier described the coronavirus relief as “extremely corrupt, costly and just so liberal” — as he claimed that only 9% of the whole $1.9 trillion relief package was allocated for fighting the coronavirus.

“The swamp is back … We ran the numbers. The amount of money that actually goes to defeating the virus is less than 9% – less than 9%! So don’t call it a rescue bill. Don’t call it a relief bill. Call it the Pelosi Payoff,” McCarthy said earlier.

NRCC Spokesman Mike Berg said House Speaker Pelosi puts “Democrats’ socialist agenda before people’s needs.”

“Nancy Pelosi has driven House Democrats further off the deep end during the Biden Administration and continues to prioritize their socialist agenda over helping people in need,” Berg said

“They’ll move everything from election reform to a policing overhaul to gun control, plus women’s and union rights and a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers.”

Americans support reopening of schools

NRCC noted that the “Pelosi payoff” will cost Democrats seats.

“Voters turn against Democrats as they learn more about Nancy Pelosi’s socialist agenda and the Pelosi Payoff,” it said.

School reopening is another point of contention in the survey with the majority of those surveyed saying it is now safe to reopen schools.

“The Democrats’ refusal to reopen schools is toxic as 66% of voters say it is safe to send students back to schools in their area. In nearly every major subgroup, more voters believe it is safe to reopen schools than say it is not safe,” NRCC said.

Since voters believe schools are safe to reopen, the poll noted that voters “will hold accountable the Democrats who keep them closed”  — it said 62% of voters and 60% of Independents are less likely to vote for a Democrat who ignores science.

Steeve Strange

Steeve is the CEO & Co-Founder of The Scoop.

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