Penn State Professor Asks Students To Defend Taliban, Explain How They Are ‘Not A Terrorist Organization’

Conservative voices across social media have directed criticism towards Penn State following a leaked assignment that shows a professor asking students to write a paper defending the Taliban.

The assignment’s topic reads ‘Explain why the Taliban are not Terrorists’ and says “You are not allowed to answer this question in any other way. Any attempt to avoid the answering this prompt as written, or trying to argue otherwise will result in a failing grade.”

Political influencer Candace Owens tweeted a link to the screenshot, saying, “THIS IS INSANE.”

One user asked Penn State, “Why is one of your classes teaching students the the Taliban IS NOT a terrorist organization? Asking for all the Gold Star Families whose children’s graves and memories you just spit on.”

Another Twitter user said the assignment showed “complete ignorance” and was “Anti American.”

The Professor that created the assignment, Christopher Cook, has defended the Taliban multiple times on his Twitter account. Earlier this week, Cook said, “I am going to guess there is a Venn Diagram between the people who struggled understanding why the Taliban were not terrorists for the lat 20 years and those who think there can be justified violence against the American government.”

It seems that the Professor has used this assignment before. In a tweet from the Fall of 20201, Cook boasted about his edgy assignment, calling the Taliban “insurgents.”

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