Petition Seeks To Ban Pewdiepie From Youtube (VIDEO)

Posted 4.03.2019 by Steeve Strange

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A viral petition to ban Pewdiepie from YouTube has surpassed 65,000 signatures.

Maria Ruiz created the petition in response to the New Zealand mosque shootings. The goal of the petition is to remove “white supremacist content” from YouTube. The petitioner falsely claims that Pewdiepie is a “white supremacist” YouTuber.

An exert from the petition reads,One of the largest platforms for white supremacist content is Pewdiepie’s YouTube channel. Pewdiepie has on many occasions proven once and again to promote and affiliate himself with white supremacist and Nazi ideologies. Worst of all his channel is very much aimed toward children in their formative years.”

Ruiz’s claims against Pewdiepie are ridiculous, given that Pewdiepie’s YouTube channel is mainly dedicated to reviewing memes and playing video games.

At the time of this writing, Pewdiepie’s YouTube channel is #1 on the platform, with over 92 million subscribers.


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