Poll: 60% of Americans Approve Of President Trump’s Response To Coronavirus

While there are many who have criticized President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, a recent Gallup poll reveals that Americans are largely pleased by the president’s coronavirus response. His approval numbers are at the highest point they have ever been in his presidency, despite the continued COVID-19 spread.

94 percent of the Republicans who were polled approve of Trump’s actions and 60 percent of independents were also on board. His approval sits at 27 percent with Democrat responders. The president’s overall approval rating stands at 49 percent, while his disapproval rate stands at 45%.  This is the highest number that he has ever achieved in any Gallup poll to date.

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His numbers have
jumped 5 points over the course of the past month. This Gallup poll is not the
only poll that favors the president and the job that he is currently doing.
Polls from CBS News and ABC News have placed his approval rating at over 50
percent.  Additionally, a Monmouth
University poll has his approval rating at 50 percent.

The Monmouth poll also revealed that Americans are not happy with the way the media is covering the coronavirus crisis.  The media only received 45 percent approval rating among the Americans who were polled. 43 percent of responders felt the media is doing a horrible job and 10 percent had mixed feelings.

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Congress’ approval
rating has started to dwindle as well.  42
percent of Americans believe that Congress is currently doing a good job while
37 percent say that they are doing a poor job.

Congress’ approval rating is usually low in polls, but there is another group that has scored even lower: the American public. Only 38 percent of the poll’s responders believe that America has been handling the crisis well.  45 percent believe that the American public has done a bad job.

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The groups that received
the highest approval ratings are federal government health agencies and state
governors. 72 percent of Americans are on board with the job that their
governors are doing. Only 18 percent of Americans disapprove of the job that
their respective governors have done.

Federal health agencies received a 65 percent approval rating, while just 24 percent of Americans disapproved.

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In the meantime, President Trump is doing everything his power
to make sure that the nation is back on track as soon as possible.  No date has been set for when Americans will
be able to return to their normal routines, but President Trump has his sights set on Easter
Sunday. In his mind, this is going to be a great day for everyone to return to
their places of worship.

From that day forward, according to President Trump, Americans should hopefully be able to resume their typical working schedules.

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In the meantime, Americans have been
left to wonder when they are going to be given the “all clear” from government
officials. The news media may have tried everything in its power to place the blame
for the Chinese coronavirus crisis at Trump’s feet, but polling data shows
that the American public views the media’s response much more negatively than
it views the president’s.

Sorry fake news, but the numbers don’t lie.

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