Poll: 74% Of Americans Say Biden’s Afghan Withdrawal Has Gone ‘Badly’

President Joe Biden and his administration is taking a beating from the outcome of America’s messy exit in Afghanistan with Americans giving the Democratic chief executive the lowest rating he’s received so far — and the public similarly blaming his government for the debacle that ensued in the country. 

The Daily Wire said Biden saw his approval rating drop below 50% for the first time last week and a new poll conducted by CBS News also showed that Americans believe Biden and his administration botched the planned pull out of US troops in Afghanistan, leaving thousands of Americans stranded and the Taliban taking charge of the country almost two decades after the US launched its longest war there.

The poll, released Monday, found that “most Americans still support” the Biden administration’s decision to pull out American forces in Afghanistan after nearly 20 years in battle — “but not like this.”

The survey result found 44% of Americans saying the Afghanistan pullout has turned “very badly” while another 30% said the withdrawal of troops turned out “somewhat badly” or 74% of Americans having a negative opinion of the withdrawal of US soldiers.

“Public reaction to what’s happened there is decidedly negative, with Americans now fearing wider repercussions from a heightened threat of terrorism,” CBS New said. 

“Back home, the public weighs in with rough judgments on President Biden — not only for his handling of it, but with his overall presidential approval rating dropping substantially, and broader views of his qualities like effectiveness and competence taking hits along with it,” it added.

Biden and his team have attempted to link the withdrawal to the decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, claiming that Biden had no choice but to withdraw completely or face another all out war with the Taliban — but the CBS News poll found that the “public draws a distinction between the desire to leave Afghanistan and how it is handled.”

“Even though support for withdrawing has dipped since the spring, those who disapprove say it’s because the situation wasn’t handled well — more so than they think troops now ought to stay,” CBS added.

Americans do believe that Biden’s job was complicated by the Afghan government’s collapse and the Taliban’s swift takeover, even though it appears according to reports that the Biden administration was warned about the said hurdles far earlier than they say.

The situation in Kabul deteriorated further over the weekend, with Americans stranded in Kabul and the surrounding region being advised not to try to go to the airport to catch evacuation planes.

According to Biden, the ISIS has also threatened a terrorist attack near the airport where ongoing evacuations are taking place.

“These troops and innocent civilians at the airport face the risk of attack from ISIS-K from a distance, even though we’re moving back the perimeter significantly,” he said. 

“We’re working hard and as fast as we can to get people out. That’s our mission. That’s our goal,” Biden further said.

But later on, the White House seemed to contradict Biden’s pronouncement saying that “perimeter has not been extended.”

“Despite Biden referencing an extended perimeter during his remarks today, the US mil operations at the airport in Kabul haven’t expanded; what’s changing is that the Taliban are going to be setting up more entry points along the outer airport perimeter, per an admin official,” wrote Kylie Atwood, National security correspondent, State Department of CNN.

Early Monday, the Taliban also warned the Biden administration to stick to its stated schedule and remove all US troops in Afghanistan by August 31— warning of “consequences” should this not happen.

It remains unclear, however, what the Taliban will do should the US extend its forces in Afghanistan until all Americans have been evacuated.


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