POLL: Just 3% Of Trump Supporters Believe Biden Is The Legitimate Winner Of The Election

Almost all the supporters of President Donald Trump do not consider Joe Biden as the legitimate winner in the 2020 election — most of them also believe that the incumbent Republican president should “never concede” to the former Obama VP.

A recent poll conducted by CNBC/Change Research found that only 3% of voters for President Trump think Biden won the presidential election last November 3. An overwhelming 73% of his supporters also believe that the incumbent Republican chief executive was re-elected.

“Only 3% of Trump voters surveyed said they accept Biden’s victory as legitimate, the survey released Monday found. A staggering 73% of respondents consider Trump the legitimate winner. Another 24% said they are not sure,” CNBC said.

As the Trump campaign pursues legal actions in various key battleground states amid widespread claims of voter irregularities and fraud, two-thirds of the incumbent president’s supporters or 66% think that “he should never concede to Biden.”

“Another 31% want the president to fight in court,”CNBC added.

“Legal, constitutional, moral right” for legal action

The left-leaning publication then wrote without evidence that the “poll underscores the potentially bigger harm Trump’s lies about the vote tallies have done to public faith in the electoral process.”

It added, without providing evidence, again that “the president appears to have convinced many of his supporters [that] he lost unfairly, even as state officials and judges have repeatedly shot down claims of fraud and wrongdoing.”

Responding to the CNBC report, Breitbart’s John Nolte wrote: “The truth is Trump’s legal team has not yet presented what they say is evidence of widespread fraud, enough fraud to overturn the election results.We are only 21 days past the election. Al Gore spent 38 days contesting the 2000 presidential election.”

He added that President Trump “has every legal, constitutional, and moral right to ensure the November 3 election was not rigged.”

“Let’s never forget that four blue counties in four swing states — Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Michigan — all stopped counting votes on the night of the election. This is unprecedented and has still not been explained. Before the vote counting stopped, Trump looked like he was on his way to reelection. After the vote counting restarted ‘Will you look at all those Biden votes!’” Nolte wrote.

“I’ve been watching the national election late into the night since 1984 — presidential and midterm elections. I have never before seen a state stop counting,” he further said.

Most Trump supporters won’t give Biden a chance

Meanwhile, the same poll found that 81% of President Trump’s supporters said they “would not give Biden a chance” as president compared to the 19% who said they would.

The same survey said when asked with whom they would identify if the president left the GOP, 72% responded to Trump’s party, while 28% answered they will remain with the Republican Party.

Commenting on it, Nolte said: “Why should Trump supporters give his fraudulency a chance as president when Democrats and the corporate media didn’t give Trump a chance as president, when the Obama/Biden administration repeatedly broke the law with illegal leaks, fraudulent warrants, and illegal unmasking to spy on the Trump campaign and undermine his presidency?”

More than 73 million Americans voted for President Trump during the election and more than 79 million voted for his Democratic rival, Joe Biden.

The CNBC/Change Research said it polled 1,203 Americans who voted for President Trump in 2020. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.83 percentage points.

A separate poll conducted by Reuters/Ipsoslast week found 52% of Republicans saying the incumbent Republican chief executive won the White House race, compared to the 29% who said it was former vice president Biden.

Steeve Strange

Steeve is the CEO & Co-Founder of The Scoop.

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