President Trump Restores ‘Right To Pray’ In Public Schools! (VIDEO)

President Trump ordered the removal of Obama-era discriminatory federal regulations that prohibited students and teachers from praying in public schools.

This action safeguards the First Amendment rights of students and teachers to practice their faith.

“We’re proudly announcing historic steps to protect the First Amendment right to pray in public schools,” said President Trump from the Oval Office. “So you have the right to pray. And that’s a very important and powerful right. There’s nothing more important than that, I would say. “

Hannah Allen, a student from Texas, was reprimanded by a teacher after she was seen with her friends praying for a student who was hurt in an accident.

“So me and a group of students from my school wanted to pray for our former classmate’s brother who had got hurt in an accident,” said Hannah. “After the prayer, our principal told us, ‘Don’t do that again.’ So the next day, parents had called and complained.”

The principal told Hannah that she needed to pray in a secluded or concealed area such as a gym.

“He told us that we could pray, but he said we had to hide in the gym or behind a curtain or somewhere away from everyone else,” said Hannah. “And I know that if this can happen in a small town in Texas, it can happen anywhere across America. And that’s not right. No one should feel ashamed of their faith, especially in school or anywhere.”

One Catholic student told President Trump that a teacher forced him to hide his faith by removing ashes from his forehead during Ash Wednesday.

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos stated that the First Amendment exists to protect religion from the government and not the other way around.

“Too many misinterpret a separation of church and state as an invitation for government to separate people from their faith,” stated DeVos. “In reality, our Constitution doesn’t exist to protect us from religion. It exists to protect religion from government. The First Amendment affirms our free exercise of religion, and we don’t forfeit that first freedom to anyone or in any place, especially in public schools.”

The new federal protections do not just protect one specific faith but ensure protection for all faiths, including Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

The rule also clarifies that the regulation doesn’t force people to pray but rather allows people to pray under their own free will.

Trump ended his announcement by touting the economy’s good health and the huge lowering of the unemployment rate that has taken place under his administration.


Steeve Strange

Steeve is the CEO & Co-Founder of The Scoop.

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