Psaki Says Biden ‘Takes Questions Several Times A Week’, Videos Expose Aides Rushing Reporters Out

‘President’ Joe Biden has yet to hold his first solo press conference 45 days into presidency and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has been asked by multiple times by reporters of when the first press conference will happen. On Friday Psaki said Biden takes questions all the time but there are many videos showing reporters being rushed out after events.

In Biden’s most recent virtual event, he offered to take questions but The White House cut the live feed, taking away the presidents chance to answer live questions.

Former President Trump held a press conference nearly every day, for two months and would be speaking for 1-2 hours but Biden has yet to make an appearance for one.

Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany weighed in on Biden’s staff not having faith in Biden taking live questions from reporters.

Recently on Tuesday, a reporter asked Biden what he learned from the briefing at the border and his response, “A lot.” Seems as time goes on, Biden is not able to answer questions and give well thought out responses.

In a clip posted March 4th Biden was asked about limiting direct payments and people not receiving checks, reporters rush them out as Biden answers to end it, ‘Thank you all for coming.’

Daily Caller posted a clip from January 21, 2021, as Biden starts to answer aggressively, his handlers are saying ‘Come on guys lets go!’

Another event posted by Maggie VandenBerghe, from a ‘National Governors Associate Winer Meeting’ posted Feb 25, 2021, the Biden team rushes out reporters.

Video from The Hill posted August 13, 2020, handlers rush reporters out at the end of the video. They start asking Biden simple questions about working with Harris then Kamala Harris takes a question. Once a question was asked about Trump opposing funding for the Postal Service, handlers begin to rush reporters out.

In another clip posted by RNC research August 14, 2020, reporters are rushed out again by handlers.

At another event where Biden concluded his ‘speech’ reporters wanted to ask Biden questions but took the bait on going outside and not missing Biden’s fireworks event.

In November 20, 2020 again handlers are rushing reporters out after taking a question.

Reporters asking Psaki when Biden will have a solo press conference 

RNC Research shared a press conference from Monday March 1, “Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki says that are still no plans for Biden to hold a press conference after over a month of being in office”

Video from Friday’s March 5th,White House press briefing where Psaki says Biden has takes questions several times a week.

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