Report: 27 House Races Listed As “Toss-Ups” All Won By Republicans

The 27 House races identified as “toss-ups” by so-called experts were all won by Republicans during the November 3 election.

A “toss-up” means the race is “too close” to predict and is the most competitive with the result possible to turn one way or the other for either party.

Cook Political Report, a “nonpartisan” election and campaign analysis, earlier listed 27 “toss-up” states, including districts in Arizona, Arkansas, California, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, among others.

“Republicans won all 27. That’s not a typo. Despite being assured by that conservatism was about to drown beneath an impending ‘blue wave,’ Republicans won every single close race,” The Daily Wire’s Readers Pass managing editor, Cabot Phillips, wrote.

He noted that Republicans also swept all the 26 races tagged by Cook Political Report as “leaning or likely Republican.” The GOP also snatched 7 of the 36 seats identified by the campaign analysis site as “leaning or likely Democrat.”

“One-sided survey process”

“Despite nearly unanimous predictions that Democrats would further cement control of the House, they now hold just a 218-204 advantage, with Republicans poised to pick up more seats, as they lead in 8 of the remaining 13 races,” the report added, noting that the election results is just “another reminder how wrong polls were in 2020.”

“What should embarrass pollsters most, though, is not the fact that they were wrong, but how one-sided they were in the process,” Phillips said.

The Daily Wire editor lamented that pollsters “routinely underrepresented” support for Republican candidates “while falsely painting a picture of impending Democrat dominance.”

“How many state and federal races were impacted by incorrect polling that showed stronger support for Democrats than actually existed? Think of the donors who refrained from giving to a candidate because the polls indicated that the race was already over. How many candidates missed out on key endorsements or support from outside entities because they were viewed as a lost cause?” Phillips said.

He went on to lash at the actions which he said were jointly committed by pollsters and the “leftist legacy media.”

“What we do know is that pollsters will continue to mislead and misinform so long as they have a media willing to prop them up,” he said.“It’s a cycle we’ve seen far too often: the leftist legacy media creates a narrative, then promotes polls which reinforce that narrative.”

“Inaccurate representation of reality”

Phillips said when the polls turn out to be an “inaccurate representation of reality” — like in 2016, 2018 and 2020 — the media “quickly moves on” to the next news cycle, “never taking responsibility” or facing retribution for the error in their ways.

In 2016, polls across the country almost unanimously predicted an easy sweep for then-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, only to be proven wrong when Donald Trump emerged as the eventual winner.

In this election cycle, leading to the November 3 elections, many polls also predicted an impending “blue wave” from the Presidential election, to the Senate and the House of Representatives — only to be proven wrong once again as more ballots ticked toward incumbent President Donald Trump than what surveys had projected.

The “blue wave” also ended up with Republicans poised to maintain control of the Senate, and as of November 16, Democrats have lost at least eight seats in the House to Republicans — thinning their majority rather than expanding it as was predicted by polls.

President Trump also received votes from  73.4 million Americans, contrary to expectations of a landslide win by former vice president Joe Biden.

Steeve Strange

Steeve is the CEO & Co-Founder of The Scoop.