Republican Congresswoman Who Promised To Carry A Gun “In The Halls Of The Capitol” Gets In In Heated Stand-Off With Capitol Police

A pro-gun Republican Congresswoman from Colorado who previously said on Twitter that she would “be carrying in the halls of the Capitol” had a contentious dispute with Capitol Police Tuesday evening over her handbag.

Rep. Lauren Boebert, a newly elected Congresswoman, “is currently in a standoff with Capitol Police at the newly installed Metal Detectors outside the chamber doors,” CNN reported around 7:40 p.m. EST, though the dispute was quickly solved.

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According to a tweet from CNN reporter Ryan Nobles, Boebert refused to let Capitol police search her bag after it set off the metal detector.

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Boebert was “respectful but defiant,” according to Nobles.

Nobles reported after about 10 minutes that the police had relented and let Ms. Boebert onto the House floor though “it was unclear from my vantage point if the Capitol Police searched her bag before she went in.”

Boebert previously posted a three-minute video showing herself on Twitter concealing a handgun and walking around DC.

The Republican lawmaker also had said she would never give up her Second Amendment rights.

On November 28, 2020, Boebert tweeted, “The question is not whether or not I’ll be carrying in the halls of the Capitol. We all know I will. The real question is to conceal the Glock or open carry.”

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Steeve Strange

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