Sen. Ted Cruz Exposes Long Term Democrat Plan For Winning Elections

Senator Ted Cruz delivered opening remarks against the Democrats’ “Corrupt Politicians Act” which is known as S.1. “For The People Act” and many senators believe this will be a power grab for the Democrats.

“The House approved the For the People Act by a vote of 220 to 210 in March, with one Democrat joining all Republicans in voting against it,” CBS News reported in early March.

Sen. Cruz’s full remarks can be found here from his press release.

Sen. Cruz slammed the bill calling it “Jim Crow 2.0 and said, “This legislation would disenfranchise millions of Americans.”

“Republicans also oppose provisions in the bill that would establish new 6:1 matching funds for political candidates and that would forbid states from requiring people to show an ID when they request an absentee ballot,” NY Post reported.

“Senator Schumer talked about politicians picking their constituents. That’s what this legislation does. This legislation is designed to ensure that Democrats never lose another election. This legislation would register millions of illegal aliens to vote. It is intended to do that. It is intended to do that because Democrats have made the decision that millions of illegal aliens voting are likely to vote for Democrats. This would register vast numbers of criminals and felons to vote because Democrats have made the decision that criminals and felons are likely to vote for Democrats,” Sen. Cruz continued.

Sen. Cruz also noted that this legislation would strike down every voter integrity law at the state level and shared statistics how over 70% of Americans support voter ID laws.

“Twenty-nine states have voter ID laws on the books. What does this legislation do? Strikes them all down. Says it’s illegal for any state to have a voter ID law. Ballot harvesting. Thirty-one states prohibit ballot harvesting. Why? Because it is a corrupt practice where paid operatives handle the ballots of someone else and it has repeatedly led to instances of stealing votes,” Sen. Cruz also stated.

Ted Cruz Blasts Democrats’ Bill On Hannity 

“This is a massive Democratic power grab,” Cruz told Fox News’ “Hannity,” “and it’s because the number one priority of Joe Biden, of Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi is to stay in power for 100 years and to steal the rights of the voters to vote them out,” NY Post reported.

The Senate Rules Committee met Tuesday to consider the HR1 bill and Sen. Cruz planned to introduce 46 amendments which he would force Democrats to vote on, “One after the other after the other.”

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