SHOCKING VIDEO: Connecticut Police Officer Allegedly Threatens To Throw A Man Off A Bridge During Traffic Stop

Posted 5.21.2020 by Steeve Strange

A viral video of what should have been your normal, everyday traffic stop quickly turned into one of the most shocking videos involving a police officer you will ever see. A Connecticut officer, who is clearly more than disgruntled and fed up with his current occupation, takes all his frustrations out on the man he’s just pulled over.

When the video begins, we have the point of view of a young man sitting in his vehicle who appears to be pulled over. When the policeman approaches the driver’s passenger window, the driver of the car asks the officer, “Hey, can I just ask you why you’re riding their butt like that and speeding, man?”

“I’m running his license plate. Why are you speeding?,” the officer asks.

The driver claims he was only going 60 MPH, to which the officer says, “The speed limit’s 40. Obey the signs.”

The driver agrees and at this point that the traffic stop seems to be over as the officer begins to walk away. However, something in the driver’s vehicle suddenly catches the officer’s attention and he turns back to the driver and says, “Give me the weed too.”

“I have a medical marijuana card,” the driver explains.

The officer isn’t buying it and tells the driver to step out of the vehicle. “You wanna run your f**king mouth? No problem. You came to the right guy, step out.”

The driver says, “Alright, alright! Stop!” and proceeds to exit the vehicle.

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The officer detains the man and can be heard asking if the driver has any weapons on him before asking where the weed is located. The driver tells the officer that it’s in his car, but that he “has a weed card.”

Again, the officer starts to explain his actions to the driver. “See, the blue car was tailing me while I was pacing a tractor trailer looking for a motor vehicle violation because the governor’s office has gotten multiple complaints on traffic stops. Ok, so we’re out doing our thing. He decides to pass me and flip me off, alright?!”

By now, the officer is pointing his finger in the man’s face and yelling. He continues with his explanation, “So who the f**k do you think you are worrying about what I’m doing?”

“You’re right, ” the driver responds.

The officer takes the man to the front of his vehicle and says, “I know I’m right God da**it! Sit the f**k down!”

The officer walks back towards the side of the vehicle and spits on the ground. “Everybody’s got something to f**king say! Mind your own God da**ed business!” screams the officer.

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The driver asks the officer what he did to give the officer reason to pull him over, to which he responds, “You were f**king speeding, how bout I start with that? I was following that kid for a reason and if you hadn’t pulled that stupid stunt I would be dealing with him right now, but no! You just couldn’t leave it alone, could you?”

The officer again goes to the passenger side door and opens it up. “God help you if there’s anything illegal in this car,” says the officer. “Is [the weed] in the original dispensary container?”

The driver’s response is inaudible, but it’s safe to say his answer was no because the officer then says to the man, “Then you’re f**ked. How does that sound?”

Again, there’s an exchange between the two where the driver can’t be heard off camera. “Mind your own f**king business next time,” the officer says while pulling a Jansport book bag onto the passenger seat. The officer unzips the bag, and begins to go through the driver’s belongings. “Yeah, it’s called shut the f**k up,” the officer responds to something the driver said (inaudible).

The officer again starts reliving the events leading up to the driver being pulled over for a traffic stop. “I was driving along and I was headed to a simple citation but no! You just couldn’t shut your f**king mouth. Where you going anyway? Where do you work?”

The driver says he works for something involving paper. Unimpressed, the officer turns and goes back to searching through the Jansport bag. The officer pulls out a plastic bag that contains several items (what appear to be pipes and other marijuana paraphernalia) and starts individually inspecting each of them, pulling them out of the bag one at a time.

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The officer then asks the driver, “You ever heard of what a heat-seeker is? A heat-seeker is something that draws attention to itself. Heat-seeking missiles, they go for the heat. Sit the f**k down. Did I tell you to move?”

“Why am I speeding?” the officer says while going back to the bag to continue his search. “I’m doing my f**king job. Connecticut general statute 14-298 allows law enforcement officers to disregard the traffic laws in the performance of their duties. How the f**k am I going to catch a speeder if I’m not speeding? You late at your job at NASA for physics?” he asks the driver.

“Unf**king believable. It just never f**king ends with this f**ing job. I got 14 months. I can’t f**ing wait to be done. This is going to tell you why at our departments, that instead of having 1300 are at 850 right now. That’s a f**king clue to the public, what a bunch of a**holes you are.”

The officer searches more of the vehicle and comes upon a cup-ashtray and opens the lid, digging through the contents. “Right there,” he says showing the driver something inside the ashtray. “You want it on paper or not? Is it in the original dispensary container?” he asks throwing the entire ashtray on the ground, spraying cigarette butts everywhere before stomping them.

It’s at this point that the driver of the vehicle alleges the officer threatened to throw him off of a bridge.

Unfortunately, the audio during this part is inaudible and was not picked up by the phone that was recording the interaction during the traffic stop.

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“Turn around,” the officer says slamming the passenger door closed and walking back over to the driver.

“Look at me. Do I look like I’m happy with you right now? Shut your f**king mouth, mind your own businesses and you’ll be on your way. Don’t you ever f**k with me again.”

The video ends with the driver returning to his vehicle and starting the car while the officer returns to his patrol car.

Whether this officer is overworked and underpaid or was just having a bad day, the way that he handled this traffic stop was uncalled for. He is clearly in the wrong line of work and has no respect for the position, or the citizens he took an oath to protect and serve.


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