Sister Of Woman Who Was Shot Dead At Iowa Black Lives Matter Riot Vows To Avenge Her Sister’s Death In This Heartbreaking Video

22-year-old Italia Kelly was shot and killed during the Black Lives Matter riot in Davenport, Iowa on Sunday night.

Italia’s younger sister, Jasmine Kelly, vowed during a Facebook live video to avenge her sister’s tragic death.

“My sister is gone because of one of you. A protester shot my sister! A protester! Not even the police!” screamed a heartbroken Jasmine Kelly.

“You’re so mad at the police. You’re hurting everyone out there. You’re so mad at the police. You guys killed my sister,” the 19-year-old Jasmine added.

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Jasmine swore that she will find the shooter and she will “be the last thing [they’ll] ever remember.”

“For those who don’t know, it wasn’t the police who shot my sister. It was one of y’all. And I swear to God, we will find out who the f*** did it. And I promise to God it’ll be the last thing you’ll ever remember.”

Jasmine said she knows a rioter shot her sister because the bullet was an actual metal bullet, not a rubber bullet used by law enforcement.

“Y’all brought guns. It wasn’t a rubber bullet. It was a f***ing gun. So I hope you all know this wasn’t the police. This was the ignorance of every single one of y’all that started to shoot into a f***ing crowd. And that bullet just happens to hit my sister.”

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Jasmine said that Italia Kelly was the only person she had in her life before these thugs killed her.

“Nothing more needs to be said. But I’m going to keep it up because it wasn’t the police. It was you. And now, I got to bury the only person I had in my life. The person that took care of me. The person who took beatings for me so I didn’t have to. The person who was there for everything when I have my seizures. When I – I don’t know. I don’t have nothing else to say.”

The Iowa Department of Criminal Investigations confirmed that it is actively investigating the incident.

In St. Louis, Missouri, Police Chief John Hayden reported on video that four of his officers were shot during the Black Lives Matter riots in his city.

“A group of folks, 200 or so, obviously had no intention on protesting or doing anything constructive,” said an obviously distraught Chief Hayden.  “All they came down to do is hype up, started jumping up and down like crazy people. And they started throwing things. They started looting all over downtown.”

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Chief Hayden says the rioters threw rocks and gasoline on police officers.

“We had to protect our headquarters building. They were throwing fireworks on officers. Fireworks were exploding on officers. They had officers that had gas poured on them. And we tried to figure out what is going on. How could this be?”

Chief Hayden said he doesn’t understand why certain people think destroying their own neighborhood is somehow considered fighting for justice for George Floyd.

“Mr. Floyd was injured and was killed somewhere else and they’re tearing up cities all across the country. Mr Floyd’s death is tragic, but can we make something, some, something out of something that these kids come down here and just start like crazy jumping up and down like that. Like they are enthused by the jumping, high-fiving in each other, flourishing pistols. As we speak, we’re trying to get control of the city.”

Chief Hayden expressed that he’s praying for the killings and property destruction to end.

“I think how I feel right now is a pit in my stomach. I’m stunned and we need to pray for our city and pray for these officers. That’s what we need to do. But I can’t describe my emotions, sir. I just know that I don’t understand what’s going on. Innocent officers being shot at. I can’t explain that to you, but somebody who thinks, obviously, that the person that did it thought that that’s somehow constructive.  And all of this is destructive. Theft and property damage is all it is.”

WATCH Jasmine Kelly’s emotional video here:

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Steeve is the CEO & Co-Founder of The Scoop.

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