Socialist Hypocrite: President Candidate Pete Buttigieg EXPOSED For Hypocritical Views On Banning Plastic Straws And Burgers (VIDEO)

Posted 9.06.2019 by Steeve Strange

Many on Twitter are trolling Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg in response to a claim Buttigieg made during a CNN interview in which he said that people who use plastic drinking straws or eat burgers are ‘part of the problem’ in regards to causing climate change.

Twitter users posted many pictures of Buttigieg flipping burgers and using plastic straws in drinks during his recent trip to the Iowa State Fair.

A nationwide ban of plastic straws has become one of the top issues for many mainstream Democratic candidates, including Kamala Harris.  Harris endorsed the idea of banning plastic straws at CNN’s low-rated climate town hall.

In response to the Democrats’ strong anti-straw views, President Trump has started selling plastic ‘Trump’ straws on his website to troll the Democrats’ highly unpopular policy.


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