YouTuber “SomeBlackGuy” Starts #JussieSmollettChallenge (VIDEO)

YouTuber “SomeBlackGuy” started the viral #JussieSmollettChallenge.

In a YouTube video on his channel, SomeBlackGuy told his viewers to film themselves telling an “outrageous” make-believe story of themselves “being a victim of crime.”

I want you guys to participate in the #JussieSmolletChallenge.  Essentially all you gotta do is reply with the best story you can come up with of you being a victim of a crime.  The more outrageous it is, the better. You can make a video of it.

SomeBlackGuy went on to tell his own hilarious made-up story about being attacked by “two abominable snowmen” who were wearing “MAGA hats made out of ice.”

The other day I was climbing Mount Everest at two in the morning and two abominable snowmen attacked me.  They had MAGA hats made out of ice!

SomeBlackGuy said that whoever came up with the best fake hate crime story would win a pocket pussy sex toy from the brand Fleshlight.

But the best one will win a pocket pussy from Fleshlight.  And why a pocket pussy? Because Jussie Smollett is fucked!

The disgraced “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett is now being investigated for allegedly faking a hate crime by paying two Nigerian actors to attack him in the streets of Chicago.

Smollett could face 3 years in prison if found guilty of falsifying a police report.

Steeve Strange

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