Starbucks Issues Vaccine Requirement, Here’s Why You Should Switch To Mount Rushmore Coffee Co

Starbucks will require its U.S. employees to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or undergo weekly testing to comply with Biden’s federal mandates, according to an update emailed to employees on Monday.

Starbucks’ approximately 220,000 U.S. employees must disclose their vaccination status by Jan. 10, according to a letter sent to staff on Dec. 27 and repeated in a weekly update on Monday by Chief Operating Officer John Culver.

If employees do not want to get vaccinated, they must be tested weekly instead, and they are responsible for obtaining their own government-approved tests and submitting results.

As a result of all this disturbing news, many American coffee enthusiasts have switched from Starbucks to to order their coffee online.

Mount Rushmore Coffee Company strongly opposes any vaccine requirements and will never comply with the Biden Administration’s anti-American policies.

Unlike Starbucks, which openly promotes the hate group ‘Black Lives Matter,’ Mount Rushmore Coffee Company’s aim is to honor America’s history and the Founding Fathers by providing the finest and freshest premium roasted coffee available on the internet.

The founder of the company, Steeve Strange, said in a statement that he “started this coffee company to combat the radical, anti-American forces that wish to obliterate America’s history by toppling statues and teaching false, revisionist history in schools in order to teach children to despise America and the Founding Fathers.”

All of Mount Rushmore Coffee Company’s roasts are named after a significant American icon or event in America’s history. Their website says they “ensure that our coffee is the freshest, most flavorful coffee you’ve ever tasted. It’s our way to give something back to this great country and the heroes who came before us and fought for our freedom. Whole bean coffee is roasted the same day it ships — ground coffee is shipped the day after roasting (to give the naturally-released gasses time to expand).”

If “you are not completely satisfied with our coffee after your first purchase”, you can receive a full refund.

Mount Rushmore Company offers whole bean, regular ground, espresso ground, and k-cup coffee products.

View all of their roasts and products here.

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