Steeve Strange Responds To Laura Loomer Dissing Him: Laura Is A ‘Free Speech Activist’ Until Someone’s Speech Offends Her

Posted 5.30.2019 by Steeve Strange
Laura Loomer (image via InfoWars)

Laura Loomer is pissed off at me. She pissed off because I think she’s acting like a right-wing SJWfor wanting Harvard University to kick out Parkland shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv because he used the n-word.

In an article I wrote last week, I broke a story that Loomer posted on the social media app Telegram about her apparent effort to get Kashuv, the former Director of High School Outreach for Turning Point USA, kicked out of Harvard for using the n-word.  Laura wrote, “I honestly think [Kyle Kashuv’s] acceptance into Harvard should be revoked…In fact, I feel so strongly about the N word that I am going to personally contact Harvard and let them know that as a conservative, I condemn Kyle and they should too.”

As I do in 95-98% of my articles that I publish on this website, my reporting on Loomer’s call for Harvard to kick out Kyle Kashuv contains zero bias.  I just reported the facts in a straightforward manner.

But it wasn’t my article that triggered Loomer’s incoherent rant about me.  It was a section from The Scoop’s podcast ‘THIQQ News with Steeve and Cam’ that caused her to lose her shit.

On nearly every episode of our weekly podcast ‘THIQQ News with Steeve and Cam,’ Cameron and I go through each video or article that we made in the previous week and dive into deeper detail.  We also give our personal free thinking opinions about the stories, something we try to avoid doing in the actual articles or news videos themselves.

The primary focus of this week’s episode of the podcast was Kyle Kashuv’s use of the n-word, and all the drama related to that disturbing incident.

When you watch the episode, you will see Cameron and I condemn Kyle numerous times for using the n-word.  We started talking about the Kyle Kashuv controversy at 20:04. First, we gave our listeners the background of the story so they would have some context before giving our opinions on Kyle.

Then, beginning at 23:31, we criticized the large numbers of conservatives who were defending Kashuv on social media for using this disturbing language.  In summary, we said that it’s pretty hypocritical and stupid for conservatives to say, “Democrats are the real racists!” all the time, and then in the next sentence defend Kashuv, a Republican, for referring to black athletes as “n*ggerjocks.”

We spent the next 17 minutes of the show discussing the problem that many people on the right have with acknowledging acts of actual racism. In short, we said that what Kyle said is completely inappropriate and inexcusable and that those conservatives who are defending Kyle for using the n-word are disturbing for doing so.

Before I talk about the section of the podcast in which Cameron and I discussed Laura, let me give you a couple other examples of how strongly I am against Kyle Kashuv and white people in general using the n-word.  These examples will be important to show you just have stupid and embarrassing Laura’s rant about me is.

First, when I saw on Twitter that dozens of conservatives were attacking my friend CJ Pearson, a 16-year-old black conservative activist, because he was rightfully upset that Kashuv did not apologize for his disturbing language, I tweeted out that “conservative NPCs” were ignorant hypocrites.

Second is a clip taken from my other podcast, The Free Thinkers Podcast, which I co-host with Dylan Perentis (owner of the Instagram account @too_savage_for_democrats).  In this clip, I aggressively attacked Kashuv and any other white kid in a profanity filled rant who thinks it’s cool to use the n-word.

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The point is, anyone with 17% of a brain can tell I have been one of the most vocal content creators on social media over the past 2 weeks who has condemned Kyle Kashuv for using the n-word.  So later in this article, it will become clear to you that Laura is missing at least 84% of hers.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming of me breaking down what we said about Laura on ‘THIQQ News with Steeve and Cam.”

From 39:50 to 44:53, Cameron and I talked about how Laura Loomer wants Harvard to kick out Kyle Kashuv for using the n-word.  At the beginning of this 5 minute section, I clearly say, “We think what Kyle Kashuv said was disgusting. We’re not defending him at all.  We think white kids should stop saying the n-word.” I then added, because I’m a free thinker, “But if he apologizes, don’t ruin the guy’s life. It’s okay.  He made a mistake. Apologize and move on.”

Cameron then read the Telegram messages that Loomer posted about wanting to ban Kyle Kashuv from Harvard while I proceeded to cringe and smirk.  I cringed and smirked because when I heard Cameron reading what Laura wrote about Kyle, I realized how cringey it truly was because as a free thinker, it’s rather obvious to me that these three things can all be simultaneously possible:

1. Kyle’s use of the hard r n-word is incredibly disturbing, and it’s even more disturbing that instead of apologizing for what he said, he issued a statement on Twitter in which he simply blamed his use of the n-word on his young age and defended himself by saying he’s a different person now because of what he went through during the Parkland shooting.  I don’t know why it takes a school shooting to realize that referring to black athletes as ‘n*ggerjocks’ is wrong, but alright.

2. Laura has spent the last 2 years of her life as the self-proclaimed champion of free speech.  Yet here she is, posting online that is going to personally call Harvard University to kick out Kashuv because he used the n-word in private.

3. Laura going out of her way to call Harvard University and ask them to rescind Kyle’s admission because he used offensive language in private makes her a freaking psychopath

After Cameron finished reading her cringey Telegram post, he said “I feel like it’s a call to attention if anything.  I think that’s all it is.” I responded by saying, “she’s desperate for attention.”

What’s frustrating about Laura is that since she’s a professional victim and is clearly very unwell, she completely disregarded what I said about her immediately after I said “she’s desperate for attention.” Starting at 41:53, I passionately defended Laura and voiced my frustration with how she has been banned from every prominent social media channel, PayPal, and Chase Bank:

“Cameron and I have said this for a long time: Laura Loomer should not be de-platformed and banned from the freaking Internet, or Chase Bank, or PayPal…for having her beliefs, as extreme as some of them are.”  I added, “I think she’s said some very bigoted things about Islam, you can have your own views on Islam, I’m not pro-Islam in any sense, but she’s been overtly bigoted about the subject. She shouldn’t be banned for that.  I believe in free speech.”

Now that you have enough backstory to know what Cameron and I said about Loomer on our podcast, and I’ve also made it clear that I am not a fan of the n-word in any sense, let me dissect the unhinged nonsense that Loomer wrote about me on Telegram.

Loomer posted several paragraphs of incoherent gibberish about me that really showed the world that she is not in a good place mentally.  Loomer started off by saying, “The guys are the scoop say I’m ‘desperate for attention’ because I spoke out about the double standard and how Kyle Kashuv gets support from the establishment for being an actual racist, while those defending him have advocated for my life to be destroyed because I have posted facts about Islam and sharia law.  I never said anything racist…but Kyle gets a defense and I don’t?”

Laura, what drugs are you on?  Literally 5 seconds before talking about you I said, “we think what Kyle Kashuv said was disgusting.  We’re not defending him at all. We think white kids should stop saying the n-word.” How do you take that and twist it to think that we are giving Kyle a “defense”?

Laura, we didn’t mention a single thing about you posting “facts about Islam and Sharia law.”  I mentioned that you have posted bigoted things about Islam (like the screenshot below) because you have, but I still proceeded to say you shouldn’t be de-platformed.  That’s because unlike you, I actually believe in free speech. You only believe in free speech for yourself.

Laura, if someone said certain things that I found disturbing, like the bigoted things you’ve posted about Muslims on Telegram, I still would speak out and say they should not have their life ruined.  You personally know better than anyone what it’s like to have your life ruined for saying offensive things, yet you’re going out of your way to ruin Kyle’s life by getting him kicked out of Harvard? I thought you were a champion of free speech.  Why is a self-proclaimed champion of free speech acting like a social justice warrior who is trying to ruin an 18-year-old dude’s life for saying offensive things in private?

Laura continued her schizophrenic rant by saying, “Hmmm do you know how many times Steve from the scoop would message me on twitter on tell me how much he loved my videos and asked if he could share my videos on a twitter in a scoop video?  I always said yes. Integrity is a little too much to ask for when you’re dealing with some of these men.”

First of all, my name is Steeve, not Steve.  I don’t know why Laura is virtue signaling about “integrity” when she won’t even give me the respect of spelling my name correctly.  Second of all, The Scoop used footage of Laura in ONE video ever, way back in September 2017. A video clip of Loomer roasting Hillary Clinton at a book signing went viral, so The Scoop made a news video about it.  Laura loved our video about it, by the way. She repeatedly posted it on her Instagram and Twitter profiles. She messaged me multiple times to let me know how much she loved it.

This next part of Laura’s rant about me is where it gets straight up deranged.  Loomer wrote, “Steve would like you to know that the N word is better than facts about Islam and sharia, and that I don’t have a right to be upset about being banned on every platform and even having my online access to my bank account shut off? Steve would like you to know he doesn’t think that I have a right to be upset that Islamic terror orgs are targeting me.  He would like you to know I have to care about Kyle more than my livelihood and safety.”

I don’t even know what to say about that.  If anyone reading this is able to interpret what she meant in that world salad, please let me know in the comments below.  At what point in the episode of ‘THIQQ News with Steeve and Cam’ did I say that Laura Loomer “doesn’t have a right to be upset about being banned on every platform and even having my online access to my bank account shut off,” as she claims?

As I mentioned earlier, I literally said on the podcast at 41:53, “Laura Loomer should not be de-platformed and banned from the freaking Internet, or Chase Bank, or PayPal…for having her beliefs, as extreme as some of them are.”  Can someone explain to me how this psycho took that and twisted it to mean I’m saying she doesn’t have a right to be mad?

Here’s a visual representation of Laura trying to explain how me explicitly saying that she shouldn’t be de-platormed from social media or banned from Chase Bank for her views means that I don’t think she has “a right to be upset” about being de-platformed and banned.

Laura, did you even watch the podcast before you reacted to it? What video did you watch?  

Anyway, there isn’t much left to say.

Hoes mad (24x).


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