Students Caught Giving Out “N-word Passes” (VIDEO)

Posted 2.13.2019 by Steeve Strange

Students at Winston Churchill High School in Maryland were caught handing out “n-word passes” to fellow students.

The students printed out passes that resemble the golden ticket from Willy Wonka. The pieces of paper granted pass holders with “permission” to say the n-word.

The alleged students were caught handing out the passes during lunch time.

A student named Gavin Norman said that two of his friends handed out the passes. Norman told a reporter that one of the students who was involved is black. Norman added that he believes “the school blew it out of proportion.”

It’s a joke that maybe went a tiny bit too far at most, but the school blew it out of proportion.  No one was saying the actual word, and no one thought it was okay to say the actual word.

In an email to parents, Principal Brandice Heckert called the act “racist [and] hateful.” Heckert said the punishment for the “students will match the severity of the action.” Heckert did not indicate the exact consequences that will be handed out.

News of this story sparked a debate on social media about whether it was just an offensive high school prank or if it was completely unacceptable.


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