Super Smash Bros. Logo Triggers A School Shooting Scare (VIDEO)

Posted 12.12.2018 by Steeve Strange

The “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” logo triggered a school shooting scare.

A high school student in Ohio drew the logo for “Super Smash Bros” on a whiteboard. The logo resembles the letter “O” with a horizontal line and a vertical line running through it.

Many of the students at the school mistook the drawing as a gun ‘crosshair.’

Four concerned female students went to speak to the school’s principal, Kerri Matheny.

Matheny spoke with the student responsible for drawing the logo. The student who drew the logo told Matheny that he “did not mean to cause an alarm.”

Matheny then spoke with the four girls and told them it was a misunderstanding. Still, rumors spread that the student planned to shoot up the school on Dec. 7th.

The school resource officer interviewed the student who drew the video game logo. The officer determined that the student was only referencing the game’s release date.


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