Suspect In Waukesha ‘Mass Casualty Incident’ Identified As Racist, Drug User, Black Supremacist, Sexual Predator And Career Criminal, Darrell E. Brooks

Several people were injured after a red Ford Escape plowed through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin. A suspect has been identified in connection with the ‘mass casualty incident’.  So far, five people have been reported killed and more than 40 others have been wounded.

Documents obtained from the court system indicate that Darrell Edward Brooks Jr., age 39, has been arrested as a suspect in the event.

Brooks is a career criminal with a long history of arrests and convictions. He was released from jail two days before the event after posting a $1,000 bond for three misdemeanors and two felonies.  In addition to resisting arrest, obstruction, battery, statutory sexual seduction, strangulation and suffocation, property destruction, illegal firearm possession, bail jumping, domestic violence, and drug-related charges, he has a criminal record that includes being a registered sex offender.

Several people and children were injured when a red SUV slammed past a police line at high speed and into a procession of Christmas marchers on Sunday, a gory sight recorded on the city’s livestream and onlookers’ cellphones.

In a rap video uploaded on Brooks’ Youtube page, he is seen dancing in front of a red Ford Escape, the same type of vehicle used in Sunday’s fatal incident.

Following the incident, Waukesha, Wisconsin Police Chief Daniel Thompson announced in a news conference that an officer who has been in the department for more than six years opened fire on the car and that a person of interest had been apprehended and was being held in custody. Thompson stressed that the probe is “very active.” at this time.

Waukesha Fire Chief Steven Howard reported that 11 adults and 12 children were sent to six local hospitals as a result of the incident.

A livestream video from the city of Waukesha shows the red SUV speeding past individuals taking part in the procession, with a police officer sprinting after it immediately thereafter.

On Facebook, the Waukesha Police Department announced that a family reunification center has been established at the Waukesha Command Post, which is situated on Barstow between Corrina and Bank St.

According to Sam Kraemer of Fox 6, one man informed him that “…most of his family are in the hospital.” He and his wife were able to get away from the situation. Kraemer shared his thoughts on Twitter, saying, “…a woman who lives on Main Street says she saw the SUV barrel through a dance team of girls between 9 and 15 years old. She says the immediate reaction was silence, followed by screaming, running, checking on those injured.”

While the motive of the crime is unclear at the moment, Brooks has some radical political views he would push on his social media accounts. To start, he is an admitted child sex trafficker. Brooks admitted to having sexual relations and impregnating a 16-year-old child in 2010.

The suspect also posted black supremacist espousing content on his Twitter. Brooks posted a quote of Malcolm X saying, “Help Africa in its struggle to flee itself from Western domination. No matter where the black man is, he will never be respected until Africa is a world power.”

Brooks also posted a graphic that equated cops to being gang members, calling them “aggressive” and “notoriously violent”.

He seems to be an avid marijuana user, posting photos of the herb dating as far back as 2015. In a video posted on his birthday, February 21st, 2016, captioned “early Bday turn up…”, Brooks showed that he was enjoying a pack of Goldfish, marijuana and what appears to be cough syrup with Sprite.

Plenty of anti-police and extremely vulgar anti-white graphics were posted on Brooks’ Facebook. One of the shocking posts fantasized about a black man beating white people in a field with Martin Luther King Jr., seemingly looking down smiling from Heaven.


According to his social media accounts, it seems Brooks was extremely racist, an avid drug user, hateful of cops, and also a Hebrew black supremacist. He praised Malcolm X on various accounts and supported the idea that Black Hebrews need to become a ruling force in America.


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