Ted Cruz Educates Leftist Law Student Asking Gotcha Court Packing Question

Senator Ted Cruz was confronted by a leftist law student who thought he could get the Texas senator with a ‘gotcha’ court packing question. The student believes that in 2016 and 2020, Republicans ‘packed the courts’ during that time.

Sen. Cruz told the student, “We filled vacancies. That’s not packing the court.”

The law student tried to argue that its allowed in the Constitution and Cruz wanted the student to understand how ‘lots of bad things are allowed.’

“It’s politicizing the court,” Sen. Cruz stated in response agreeing that it’s not a destruction of law.

The law student still wasn’t getting it at all after Sen. Cruz explained how adding a single justice works.

Look, if there’s a judicial vacancy, Joe Biden and the Democrats in the Senate are entitled to act to try to fill it. And if they nominate someone bad, we’ll oppose that justice, I mean, that’s the political process. I mean, that’s how it operates,” the senator stated.

A professor at Georgetown law, Josh Chafetz wrote to Twitter, “One of my students came across Ted Cruz‘s anti-Court-packing press conference and naturally gave him hell …”

Senator Cruz Responds To ‘Professor’ 

“I assumed he was a Dem tracker reciting talking points. Not sure what’s more embarrassing: that he’s an actual law student who doesn’t know the difference btwn filling vacancies & packing the Court. Or that his law prof is proud of his ignorance & thinks it’s “giving me hell,” Cruz wrote to Twitter.

This professor obviously doesn’t understand what it means to fill a vacant court seat and adding more Supreme Court judges when there’s been 9 for the last 150 years.

The proposed bill of wanting to add four new justices to the Supreme Court is in fact court packing.