Ted Cruz Gives Powerful Speech Defending Trump Voters, Says ‘The Love Of Liberty Unites’

Texas’s Senator Ted Cruz gave a powerful speech at CPAC, the annual Conservative Political Action Conference and talked everything from the Democrats lockdowns and the Biden administration. Cruz shredded both the GOP establishment and the left in his speech.

“Let me tell you this right now: Donald Trump ain’t goin’ anywhere,”

Mainstream media is upset with Cruz making a joke about his Cancun trip when he said Orlando is ‘not as nice as Cancun’

Weekly Magazine wrote, “Ted Cruz jokes about Cancun trip at CPAC as over a million Texans still lack drinkable water.”

Cruz said, “I gotta say, Orlando is awesome. It’s not as nice as Cancun,” pausing amid laughter in the crowd. “But it’s nice.”

Ted Cruz shared a part from his speech asking, “What united conservatives, libertarians, and those who value the Constitution and the Bill of Rights? A love of liberty.”

Cruz also called out Joe Biden and ‘radicals’ in the administration who are already going too far and with the ‘natural pendulum’ of politics will guide people back and away from the left.


Full Speech from Senator Ted Cruz On Friday at CPAC