Tell Gov. Ron DeSantis THANK YOU For Standing Up To The Left & Protecting Free-Market Energy (AD)

We need to make America more like Florida, not make Florida more like California!

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The radical left is pressuring Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in pushing extreme policies to the state.

Sign a letter thanking Gov. DeSantis for taking action and signing a conservative bill to protect free-market energy!

Sign Your Name To Thank Gov. DeSantis HERE

The radical left is showing its hypocrisy once again. While its leaders try to push the Green New Deal down Americans’ throats, they are also opposing Florida conservatives’ push for a free-market renewable energy bill.

The far-left environmental lobby is seeking to destroy the state’s energy sector and raise prices for everyone.

Fortunately, we know that Governor Ron DeSantis will stand tall against the extremists by signing Florida SB 896.

“Renewable Energy; The bill requires solar facilities to be a permitted use in all agricultural land use categories in a local government’s comprehensive plan and all agricultural zoning districts within an unincorporated area. Under the bill, such facilities are required to comply with certain criteria including setback and landscaped buffer areas and counties may adopt ordinances specifying buffer and landscaping requirements. However, such requirements may not exceed those of similar uses in agricultural land use categories and zoning districts. The bill provides that s. 163.3205, F.S., as created by the bill, relating to solar facility approval process, is not applicable to any site that was the subject of an application to construct a solar facility submitted to a local governmental entity before July 1, 2021.” from the bill.

Sign Your Name To Thank Gov. DeSantis HERE

Over the far left’s protest, he will take action to block local radical environmental activists from derailing critically needed energy projects.

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