‘The Great American Barbecue’- Nationwide Tour To Support Advancing Election Integrity

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Jordan Conradson with The Gateway Pundit spoke exclusively on ‘The Scoop TV’ app with Pete Santilli, who is an investigative journalist and host of ‘The Pete Santilli Show,’ about ‘The Great American Barbecue.’

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During the interview, Santilli gives his take on the technology being used for our elections across America.

“Any electronic voting machines that have access to the Internet need to be abolished completely. And until we can come up with a system technologically that can guarantee us that one vote counts,” Santilli stated.

What is October 25th with ‘The Great American Barbeque?’

“Let’s call upon our state legislators. And I picked a date of October 25th, because there’s a lot of things. And of course, we want to give them time to fix things. But by October 25th, if they haven’t resolved this thing and we haven’t moved on, because right now we’re looking in our rearview mirror at November 3rd and President Trump’s election, it’s going to come a time where we have to turn the corner and look forward and look through the front windshield. But here’s what we’re going to do,” Santilli said.

“We’re going to begin this process right now, we’re launching a nationwide tour. We want to have the-. We want to have a tour of barbecues, have barbecues in big cities all across the country, beginning right after the cyber symposium. Go from city to city, bring some public awareness, encourage people to get to our battleground state Houses all the way leading up to October 25th, hopefully get one hundred thousand people at each one of these State Houses and have what we’re calling The Great American Barbecue,” Santilli added.

Just everybody get together, Democrats, Republicans, blacks, whites, and have barbecues and chili cook-offs at the state legislatures and then, make it a celebration, of course. But of course, be assertive in demanding by our presence that our legislators do the right thing going forward,” Santilli also shared.

“October 25th, all patriots show up to your State House. Show out. We’re having the biggest barbecue you’ve ever seen at the State House,” Conradson added in response.

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