‘The Office’ Actor John Krasinski Wants To Share ‘Some Good News’ With The World, While The Mainstream Media Continues To Bash Trump

Posted 4.08.2020 by Steeve Strange

During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic panic, partisan bickering, and a Trump-bashing mainstream media, former ‘The Office’ actor John Krasinski created a YouTube channel to share “Some Good News” with the world.

Pop Sugar reports:

“During a time of confusion, John Krasinski is on a mission to share positivity with the world from his own home. The Quiet Place actor recently revealed ‘Some Good News’ on YouTube; a place where he can promote heartwarming and impactful stories that can brighten a day. Part of this brightness comes in the form of his former co-star on ‘The Office,’ Steve Carell, who made a virtual appearance to chat about the show’s 15-year anniversary.”

Krasinski and Carell had a ton of fun despite “social distancing” as they reminisced about their favorite moments from filming ‘The Office’ and discussed how the cast’s bond has gone far beyond just being co-workers on a sitcom.

The good news that Krasinski’s video mentions includes scenes from the ‘global health care community.’ ‘The Office’ star reminds us that these healthcare workers are “putting their own lives on the line for complete and total strangers.”

Though these health care workers are risking their own lives without the expectation of even a ‘thank you,’ John reports there are many responses coming in from around the world showing how grateful citizens are to their healthcare workers. In the video, he shows videos of entire cities in America and elsewhere flashing their lights and honking horns in unison, so healthcare workers can see that they are appreciated.

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Another scene in the video is of police in Spain lining the streets and surrounding hospitals with lights flashing for the same reason. A London nurse described hearing the entire city applauding their first responders and medical personnel in unison.

A central theme of Krasinki’s video is spreading love despite the crisis. One couple in Fredricksburg, VA who was supposed to be headed to Paris for their honeymoon, are instead isolated in their hometown due to coronavirus. Friends and family found their own unique way to bring Paris to them. Drawing a Mural of the Eiffel tower on a wall, the boyfriend (now fiance), proposed to his girlfriend next to the mural, and she said yes!

Perhaps the best “good news” story was of John and Ann Kline in Alabama. The Montgomery Advertiser reports:

“John Kline had his daily routine down pat. He spent his days at Troy University, teaching students … before traveling home to Montgomery. He could get to John Knox Manor Nursing Home in the late afternoon, before dinner, in time to see his “sweet Ann” for a few hours. He stayed until his wife of 45 years went to bed. He stayed until she fell asleep. And he would return the next afternoon, day after day.”

John’s wife Ann is a nursing home, but that didn’t stop him from seeing Ann, “who he has supported through her journey with Alzheimer’s Disease for 17 years.” The video shows John standing at his wife’s nursing home window as they sing “Amazing Grace” together.

As he signs off, Krasinski reminds his viewers that we can “always find good in the world.”

Here’s the video:

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