This Is The Fate Of The U.S. Military Dogs Left Behind In Afghanistan By The Biden Administration

As previously reported by The Scoop, many U.S. working dogs were stranded at the Kabul Airport in Afghanistan. In a tweet, Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby had claimed that the U.S. “did not leave any dogs in cages” although it was clear from pictures circulating that these dogs were in fact left in cages. Kirby also claimed that the dogs were in the hands of the Kabul Small Animal Rescue.

According to RT reporter Murad Gazdiev the ‘Taliban Commander of Kabul airport’ has claimed that the dogs are now being rounded up by the Taliban and while the dogs won’t be sentenced to death, the dogs will be retrained and put back into service for the “Islamic Emirate.”

In an interview with the Taliban commander, the terrorist leader claimed that the dogs are alive, and allegedly off camera the Commander Claimed that they “would train those they could.”






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