This Republican Governor Saw Coronavirus Coming Early And Took Action That Saved Countless Lives

Posted 4.03.2020 by Steeve Strange

Unlike Democrat New York Governor Andrew Cuomo who has gained significant national attention due to the coronavirus pandemic, Ohio Republican Governor Mike Dewine remains nationally unknown. 

I’m here to explain why he shouldn’t be.

His swift response to the threat of COVID-19 in early March has saved countless lives in the state of Ohio, and he deserves national recognition.

Sporting Events

Way back on March 5, Governor Mike Dewine canceled one of the largest annual events in the state of Ohio, the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus.

Many were outraged at Gov. Dewine’s extreme decision, considering the first case of coronavirus had not even been reported in Ohio, and none of the neighboring states had yet considered disbanding large social events as a way to slow the spread of the virus.

Following the cancelation of the Arnold Sports Festival, Gov. Dewine then put a ban on all public sporting events with spectators.  Again, he was met with resistance from Ohio residents and Americans from all across the country who had plans to come to Ohio to watch various sporting events.

However, shortly after Governor Dewine’s decision, major sports leagues such as the NBA and MLB followed the governor’s lead and suspended their seasons until further notice.


In early March, Governor Dewine ordered Ohio schools to close immediately due to the coronavirus pandemic, making Ohio the first state to make this declaration.

Just days later, several other states followed the lead of the Ohio Governor and issued orders for all schools to be closed immediately.

New York acted too late

The state of New York took much longer than Ohio to take these protective stay-at-home actions despite being a much larger state.  The actions of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo came much too late, as New York currently has 91,372 active cases while Ohio has only 3,221.

For perspective, the population of Ohio (11.69 million) is around 60% the size of New York (19.54 million), yet Ohio has 95% fewer coronavirus cases. This is truly remarkable and proof that Governor Dewine’s actions have saved thousands of lives.

Taking actions similar to Ohio Governor Mike Dewine at the start of March could have prevented New York from facing the apocalyptic situation it is currently suffering through.

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