Trump: Coronavirus Cure Cannot “Be Worse Than The Problem Itself”

Posted 3.23.2020 by Cameron Shizznit

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to worsen, President Trump is issuing various guidelines that are designed to keep the American people safe. On Sunday night, he addressed the nation. After this week, he and his advisers plan to come together to reassess the quarantine period for COVID-19.

In Trump’s estimation, we cannot allow the cure for the virus to “be worse than the [virus] itself.” The social distancing that is currently taking place is essential when it comes to slowing the spread of the Chinese virus. A 15-day period was recommended by public health officials initially. By limiting the amount of close contact that people can have with one another, the spread of the coronavirus can hopefully be mitigated.

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Over 30,000 United States residents have tested positive for the Chinese virus. Dr. Anthony Fauci is taking a different point of view. He does not believe that the 15-day waiting period is sufficient. Dr. Fauci is of the belief that we will need a much longer quarantine period in order to return to some semblance of normalcy.

There are other experts who have studied infectious diseases like this one and their prognosis is also grim. These experts believe that the United States is going to need to take even harsher measures to truly slow down the coronavirus outbreak. The White House does not share in these sentiments and medical experts cannot be allowed to set national policy.

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President Trump and his advisers believe that the nation’s workforce needs to return to their posts so that they are not experiencing any sort of long-term financial loss.  Republican lawmakers are in the process of pleading with White House officials about a plan to restart the economy and return to work. Financial markets are experiencing devastating losses and millions of Americans are projected to lose their jobs in March and April.

New guidelines could be issued by the White House as early as today. Mike Pence indicated as much after a briefing with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention yesterday. States that are not experiencing high outbreak numbers may be able to send workers back outside as long as they are wearing the appropriate masks.

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Larger states are probably not going to be able to emulate these strategies.  States like New York and California are experiencing a higher volume of infection. All nonessential businesses are closed in these two states at the present time and it will take some time before they are able to safely open again.

States with higher infection volumes are going to be stuck in the same holding pattern until the number of new COVID-19 cases in these locations start to go down. Business owners are looking to put an end to the more Draconian measures but there are others who would rather endure a prolonged closing if they are able to help mitigate the coronavirus spread.

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