Trump Departs White House And Hints At Forming Patriot Party In Final Address As US President: “We Will Be Back In Some Form”

President Donald Trump assured his supporters that he will be back in politics “in some form,” during his final speech as president on Wednesday morning — also the day of Democrat Joe Biden’s inauguration. 

“We will be back in some form,” Trump said during his remarks at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland as he prepared to board Air Force One on his way to Florida, his last as president. “And again, I want to just in leaving, I want to thank our Vice President Mike Pence and Karen.”

Trump’s remarks came after reports surfaced that he is looking at the possibility of putting up his own party to be called “Patriot’s Party” according to The Wall Street Journal amid what appears as a brewing rift within the Republican Party as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blasted Trump during a speech on the Senate floor for his alleged role in the January 6 Capitol Hill chaos. 

With First Lady Melania Trump by his side, the 45th president was greeted with a display of American flags and a 21-gun military salute before his departure for his Mar-a-Lago home.

“We love you very much,” Trump told his supporters. “This has been an incredible four years.”

“It’s been something very special,” Trump said. “What we’ve done has been amazing by any standard. We rebuilt the United States Military. We created a new force called the Space Force, that in itself would be a major achievement for a regular administration. We were not a regular administration,” he said.

He then praised cutting taxes and regulations which helped spur economic growth, and the record-time in developing the vaccines for the coronavirus which originated in Wuhan, China.

“We’ve left it all on the field,” Trump said of his time as president. 

“You are amazing people. This is a great, great country. It is my greatest honor and privilege to have been your president. I will always fight for you. I will be watching. I will be listening. And I will tell you that the future of this country has never been better,” he added.

He then humored about the new Democratic administration possibly raising American taxes and rolling back on his policies which he warned would be detrimental to America — but also wished the new administration “great luck and success.”

“You’re gonna see incredible numbers start coming in if everything is left alone,” Trump said. “Be careful.”

“I hope they don’t raise your taxes, but if they do I told you so,” he added.

Fox News reported that the Republican President left a note for Biden in the White House. 

“I wish the new administration great luck and great success. I think they’ll have great success. They have the foundation to do something really spectacular and again, we put it in a position like it’s never been before despite the worst plague to hit since 1917, over 100 years ago,” President Trump said.

Trump spoke to a crowd of “between 200 and 300 people” according to reports with music playing in the background including “Eye of the Tiger,” “Gloria,” “YMCA,” “Fortunate Son,” and “Macho Man” — reminiscent of Trump rallies.

“Remember us. We will be back in some form.”

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