Trump Shreds Biden For Creating Border Crisis, Says ‘When I Was President, Our Border Was Stronger, Safer And More Secure’

Former President Donald Trump slammed President Biden’s handling of the crisis at the border in a statement on Tuesday.

Biden’s border crisis has been a growing concern as Texas Gov. Greg Abbott that they plan to deploy National Guard troops to help with the surge of migrants looking to enter the Unites States.

Gov. Abbott launched Operation Lone Star which will deploy National Guard, DPS Officers to air, ground, marine and tactical border security assets to reject Mexican Cartels and smugglers from their ability to move drugs and people into Texas.

Now Former President Trump called out Biden for continuing ‘catch and release’ and how the wall ‘would have easily been finished.’

The Biden administration faces a wave of illegal migrants at the southern border and this issue seems to grow worse. Nearly two months into this administration and the Department of Homeland Security is already facing new challenge again.

On Tuesday’s press conference with Jen Psaki she did not answer if there is a crisis at the border, posted via Twitter by Daily Caller.

Psaki said, “I don’t think we need to sit here and put new labels on what we have already conveyed is challenging.”

“When I was President, our Southern border was in great shape – stronger, safer, and more secure than ever before. We ended Catch-and-Release, shut down asylum fraud, and crippled the vicious smugglers, drug dealers, and human traffickers,” Trump said. ”The wall, despite horrendous Democrat delays, would have easily been finished by now, and is working magnificently. Our country is being destroyed at the Southern border, a terrible thing to see!”

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