Trump’s Lawyers Expose Democrats Using Heated Language In Compilation Video

Trump’s defense team presented video footage of Democrats using heated language which and David Schoen stated before sharing the video, “The house managers spoke about rhetoric, about a constant drumbeat of heated language. Which I’m sure everyone who is watching expected, we need to share some of their own words.”

AP News reported, “Donald Trump’s lawyers are arguing that his words to his supporters who attacked the U.S. Capitol – to ‘fight like hell’ – are common political rhetoric, using a video montage to show almost every single Senate Democrat using the word ‘fight’ in political speeches.”

There is a part two of the long compilation video provided by Trump’s legal defense team played during the impeachment trial.

More footage was provided to show how House Democrats objected to the Electoral College results in 2017.

Congressman Jim Jordan responded Wednesday to Twitter, “Democrats objected to the certification of electoral college votes from 10 states on January 6, 2017. They didn’t mention that in their #impeachment presentation today.”