(VIDEO) Hispanic Man Surprises Beto At Rally, Then Absolutely Tears Into Him: ‘You Ain’t Taking My Guns’ (WATCH)

A Hispanic man wearing a cowboy hat confronted Texas Gubernatorial candidate Beto O’ Rourke at a rally on Sunday. The man approached O’Rourke and said, “Beto, I’m Robert..on behalf of the ranchers, the oil and gas [workers], the farmers…I’m in your grill telling you don’t come back, we don’t want you here. Get the hell out!”

Beto, shellshocked, had no response. Campaign workers began pushing the man away and he continued, saying, “You ain’t taking my guns either! Adios! We don’t want you here – no – you’ve lost twice!”

The riled-up Texan then pulled a Gonzalez flag out of his pocket which said “CoOME AND TAKE IT” ON IT. The man shouted, “Hey Beto, come and take it! Kyle Rittenhouse! Kyle Rittenhouse!” and cheered.

O’Rourke faced major backlash during his presidential campaign in 2020 due to his gun control policies. When asked during a debate if he would take guns away from Americans if elected, O’Rourke infamously said, “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47. We’re not going to allow it to be used against our fellow Americans anymore.”​

In a recent interview with CNN, O’Rourke defended his past statements and attacked Governor Abbott, saying, “We don’t want extremism in our gun laws. We want to protect the Second Amendment, we want to protect the lives of our fellow Texans. And I know that when we come together and stop this divisive extremism that we see from Greg Abbott right now, we’re going to be able to do that.”

On Sunday, he also continued to defend his infamous quote, saying, “Look, we are a state that has a long, proud tradition of responsible gun ownership. And most of us here in Texas do not want to see our friends, our family members, our neighbors shot up with these weapons of war. So yes, I still hold this view.”

O’Rourke was beaten by incumbent Senator Ted Cruz in the U.S. Senate race for Texas in 2018. Cruz beat him out by over 200,000 votes and 2.6 points. While Beto may win the Democrat primary, his chances against the Republican candidate are slim. A recent University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll published in October shows that only 37% of Texas registered voters that responded to the poll would vote for Beto with 46% supporting Greg Abbott.

Governor Abbott is facing a primary himself, facing former State Senator Don Huffines (R-TX), media personality Chad Prather, and former State Rep. Allen West (R-FL). The same University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll showed Abbott securing 56% of the vote.

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