VIRAL GROWTH: New Facebook Group ‘Joe Biden IS NOT MY PRESIDENT!’ Surpasses 11,000 Members In First 24 Hours; Admins Say Group Would Already Have 100,000 Members But Facebook Is Shadowbanning It

A brand new Facebook group called ‘Joe Biden IS NOT MY President!’ has surpassed 11,000 members in the first 24 hours since its creation.

You can click here to join the group.

The group’s viral growth is setting records on Facebook, thanks to its members who are reportedly inviting many of their Facebook friends to join the anti-Biden group.

One group member claims to have invited 100 of his Facebook friends to join the group.

“Hi my name is Lou Ross and I am from Ohio.  I have invited probably 100 people.  I still have faith in God and President Trump.”

The group’s admins believe that the ‘Joe Biden IS NOT MY President!’ Facebook group would already have more than 100,000 members, but Facebook is reportedly shadowbanning the group and preventing members from inviting their friends to join.

An admin posted a video on the ‘Joe Biden Is Not My President’ public Facebook page showing how Facebook is preventing thousands of people who request to join the group from actually being allowed to join.

Multiple members have posted screenshots into the group showing that Facebook has banned them from inviting their friends.

One group member posted, “Just invited 20 or so of my friends on here.  Then Facebook popped up and sad we can’t let you invite more right now.”

Another wrote, “There was over 14k members about 1 hour ago! FB is already at work minimalizing how VAST AND SWIFT people will gather against this FRAUDULENT election!”

A different member wrote that Facebook banned them from inviting people to join after they had invited just three people.

“Ok I invited 3 people and Fb stopped me.  Said a error had occurred!! It sure has.  We have the wrong person trying to get in Our President seat.”

The group also has a public Facebook page called ‘Joe Biden Is Not My President’ that members are encouraged to like.

Group members must adhere to the 7 following rules or risk getting permanently removed:

  1. No support of Joe Biden or Kamala Harris allowed.
  2. No Promotions or Spam
  3. No fake news.  Posts with fake news will be denied.
  4. Invite every single PATRIOT you know to this group
  5. No Hate Speech or Bullying
  6. Report any suspected Biden supporter to admins
  7. Report any post containing fake news to admins


Screenshot of the 7 rules from the Facebook group ‘Joe Biden IS NOT MY PRESIDENT!’

The admins of the Facebook group have created an official Parler account called @OfficialJoeBidenIsNotMyPresidentFBGroup just in case Facebook decides to delete the group.

If you wish to join the ‘Joe Biden IS NOT MY PRESIDENT!’ Facebook group, click here.

Steeve Strange

Steeve is the CEO & Co-Founder of The Scoop.