(WATCH) 70 Republicans Line Up In The House To Attempt To Force A Vote On Border Security Bill (VIDEO)

Republicans lined up on the floor of the House of Representatives on Wednesday in an attempt to block Democrats from voting on a measure to hold two former Trump White House aides, Peter Navarro and Dan Scavino, in criminal contempt of Congress for refusing to comply with the Democrats’ January 6th committee, which many consider a sham.

WATCH the video below:

70 Republicans lined up and consecutively asked for unanimous consent to vote on a border security bill titled the PAUSE Act. Each Republican succinctly said,

“Madam Speaker, I ask unanimous consent to call up H.R. 471, the Pause Act to protect all Americans from Biden’s border crisis,” to which the Speaker responded, more and more irritated each time, “Again, the Chair understands that the gentleman from Maryland has not yielded for that purpose.”

The “gentleman” that the Democrat chair was referring to is Jamie Raskin (D-MD), a member of the Jan 6th committee.

Many Americans believe that Democrats are overlooking the true problems facing the United States, such as inflation, crime, the crisis at the southern border, and the degeneration of the public education system.

Unfortunately, this attempt to force a vote on the PAUSE Act border security bill failed, and the action ended up being nothing more than an attempt to filibuster to the Democrat’s unprecedented decision to hold Peter Navarro and Dan Scavino in contempt.

For Republicans, this was a way to show unity and solidarity with the American people, who are tired of these constant political spectacles from the Democrat party. First it was the Russia hoax and Mueller investigation, then they impeached President Trump over his “perfect phone call” with Ukrainian president Zelensky about Hunter Biden’s corrupt business deals in Ukraine, and now they’re focused on the January 6th show trials.

Are you tired of the spectacles from the Democrat party?

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