WATCH: Airline Pilot Stands Up For Medical Freedom After Major Airlines Force COVID Vaccine (VIDEO)

Many major airline companies are forcing the COVID Vaccine on all their employees with a choice, lose their job or their freedom.


“I’ve been an airline pilot for 18 years, and now I’m facing an ultimatum, not a choice, but an ultimatum. I’m being told in order to continue my career as an airline pilot, I must be vaccinated, which really means I have to choose between putting food on the table for my family and my freedom of choice.”

“Whether you believe in vaccination is the right thing to do or not. The situation goes far beyond health. We, the American people, have fought for freedom for two hundred and fifty seven years. We go around the world spreading ideas of freedom and democracy.”

“We help other countries and people fight for their freedoms while ours are being stripped away. You may think being forced to wear a mask or get a vaccination is insignificant. But when you begin to compile mandate after mandate and loss of freedom after freedom, it becomes very significant as each thing is taken away.”

In other news, Southwest is experiencing a “Sickout” causing thousands of flights to be canceled.

With looming inflation, supply chain issues, and massive unemployment, you’d think these vaccine mandate layoffs could tank the economy even more.