(WATCH) Alleged Chinese Smugglers Publicly Shamed For Breaking COVID Laws (VIDEO)

Chinese police paraded four suspects around the streets after they were accused of transporting individuals across blocked borders in violation of pandemic control measures. This public shaming sparked controversy across social media.

Footage posted via social media and published by official media sites shows four individuals dressed in hazmat suits, face masks, and goggles marching through Jingxi city in Guangxi province on Tuesday. Each person is holding posters with their names and images on their chests and backs.

The suspects are being accompanied by two officers each. Both officers are also wearing hazmat suits and face shields. The parade of suspects and police companions was also surrounded by another circle of police who are seen holding machine guns and riot gear.

According to the state-run Guangxi Daily, the four persons were accused of assisting others in unlawfully crossing China’s borders, which have been mostly blocked throughout the epidemic as part of the country’s “zero-Covid policy.”

The Guangxi Daily said the punishment is meant to discourage others from breaking COVID policy measures.

On Tuesday, Jingxi authorities officially arrested two suspects over their illegal transportation of Vietnamese immigrants into China back in October. One of the Vietnamese immigrants tested positive for COVID-19 which caused schools to shut down, forced 50,000 individuals into isolation, and meant 10,000 COVID tests had to be conducted, according to a Jingxi government website message. It is unclear if those two suspects were part of the four publicly shamed Tuesday.

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