WATCH: Ashton Birdie Criticizes Kyle Kashuv For Not Apologizing For Using The ‘N-Word’

Posted 5.27.2019 by Steeve Strange
Ashton Birdie (image via YouTube)

YouTuber Ashton Birdie took a shot at Parkland shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv in a video on Monday, calling Kashuv out for his apparent refusal to apologize for using the n-word in a series of recently leaked screenshots.

Ashton, who has over 190k YouTube subscribers, began her video by describing Kashuv as someone who was “promoted by Ben Shapiro and Nikki Haley, who have yet to say anything” about Kashuv’s past use of the n-word.

Ashton took a further dig at Shapiro, saying, “Ben Shapiro, the guy who called Laura Loomer alt-right for speaking out against Islamic terrorism, has nothing to say about Kyle Kashuv using the n-word several times.”

Ashton continued on by addressing those conservatives on Twitter who have defended Kashuv in light of the screenshots: “Of course, half of Twitter is saying, ‘It’s just a statement. He apologized.’ But did he apologize?”

Ashton then read Kashuv’s written response to the screenshots controversy that he posted on Twitter, which Ashton called a “statement, not an apology.”

Ashton criticized Kashuv for “not once addressing the mistakes he has made, not once talking about what he did wrong.” She added that Kashuv used “the fact that he survived a school shooting to excuse his bad behavior.”

Despite her criticism Kashuv, Ashton said she believes in forgiveness and forgives Kashuv for the offensive statements he made.

“I forgive Kyle Kashuv for what he said when he was 16-years-old and clearly stupid.”

WATCH Ashton’s video here:


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