WATCH: Barstool Sports President Dave Portnoy GOES OFF On Dr. Fauci For Flip-Flopping On Lockdowns!

Posted 5.15.2020 by Steeve Strange

President of Barstool Sports, Dave Portnoy, did not hold back in his most recent viral video in which he called out the spokesman of the Coronavirus Task Force, Dr. Anthony Fauci, for giving contradictive guidelines on how Americans are supposed to battle the COVID-19 pandemic.

The doctor’s recent change of strategy has Portnoy asking, “What gives?”.

“What the f**k’s going on? When did this become ‘flatten the curve, flatten the curve, flatten the curve’ to ‘we have to find a cure or everyone’s gonna die?'” Portnoy asks.

“Fauci seems like a nice enough dude…Looks like he could be like maybe the grandfather in Wedding Crashers. [Now he] gets in front of the Senate and he’s like, ‘We reopen the country too quick, everyone’s dead.’ Where’d that come from?”

Portnoy pointed out that the idea that the country needs to remain on lockdown until a cure is developed is insane, given that we’ve never been able to produce a cure for cancer or AIDS.

“And the LA Mayor, ‘We’re not opening the city til we find a cure.’ What? Find a cure? Who says we’re gonna find a cure? We haven’t found a cure for cancer. Took AIDS 20 years or whatever. Do we even have a cure?”

Portnoy pointed out that different states are reopening while others are extending lockdown orders, some for months longer than first announced.

“People have been mentally preparing. We’re doing what you ask. We’ve done exactly what you said. Now you’re changing the rules. Some states are open, some closed. L.A.’s shutting down. N.Y.’s shutting down. Arizona is opening. Florida’s opening. It seems along political lines. What is going on?”

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Portnoy asked Dr. Fauci how he expects Americans to survive if businesses shut down indefinitely and there are no jobs available.

“People have jobs who’ve worked their whole f*****g lives off to put food on the table to create a happy living. They’re just gonna go out of business? They’re gonna wake up whenever this thing ends? Whenever the mayors say, ‘Oh, you can go back to work’? Work for what? Your company is gonna be out of business. The economy is going in the s*****r. There’s going to be no jobs. How the f**k you gonna pay for your family, put food on the table? All that s**t?”

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Portnoy said he would rather die of COVID-19 than lose his business Barstool Sports, which he’s spent two decades building.

“If you told me because of Corona, I lost Barstool, I had to go get a 9 to 5 and start f*****g over, I’d rather die of Corona. Seriously, or at least take my chances. I’m not saying everybody would do that. I would. But if I dedicated 20 years my life, I don’t want to start over. I’ll f*****g deal with Corona.”

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Portnoy continued, “You can’t just make everybody stay inside and basically start over. It’s insane. Like, what the f**k do they think is going to happen? At some level, we’ve done what you’ve asked us to do. If you’re that scared still of Corona, stay inside. The beds are open. It doesn’t kill every -I get it. It’s not a great option. There are no great options. But you can’t just decimate the entire economy. How the f**k is that going to work? We’re staying inside until there is a cure? When did that become the game? Who said we’ll get the cure? That’s not a guarantee, so we’re just done as humans? Get the hell out. There’s risk. We’re Americans. You have to take risk. If people want to go out, they can go out. If they want to stay in, they stay in.”

The Barstool president ended the video by stressing that the economy will never recover if we continue at the trajectory we’re on now and remain shutdown.

“We’ve done what you’ve said, you can’t just midstream be like, ‘Just kidding, flatten the curve, flatten the curve, uh, cure.’ What? When did this happen? When did this happen and it can’t sustain. At least we have a chance if we go out with Corona like Switzerland and those places that just let it roll. We have no chance if you don’t let people go outside. This country is gonna be donezo. No one’s gonna have jobs, no one’s gonna have businesses. It’s gonna be done. It’s over. Let me roll the dice and play with Corona or at least give me the choice. That’s all we want.” 

Portnoy’s video has been viewed over 6.6 million times on Twitter since being posted Wednesday.


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