WATCH: Black Congressional Candidate Harassed Over His Support For Trump (VIDEO)

A woman and her 15-year-old daughter approached Billy Prempeh, who is an Air Force Veteran running for Congress in the 9th Congressional District of New Jersey.

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The woman repeatedly shouted at Prempeh and the other campaigners because he supports Trump and is running as a Republican.

Campaigners told the woman, “He’s running for Congress. He is not running with Trump for anything. He’s running for Congress.”

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Someone shouted, “You have a right to be a sheep.”

Another campaigner stated, “If you have any questions, why don’t you ask them?”

The daughter then says, “You’re a bunch of racists!”

Mr. Prempeh responded in confusion, “Racists? He’s a Jew. He’s from Bolivia. She’s Puerto Rican. He’s Italian. I’m Black.”

The daughter continues yelling, “Racist! Just because they’re Bolivian, just because they’re from wherever, does not make them not racist and you’re an idiot to believe that!”

Mr. Prempeh says later, “I respect you at least having a dialog. They just yell.”

Mr. Prempeh continued, “You know, they just chopping me up. They decided. You see this?”

The mother was chanting to Prempeh and another man, “Don’t vote for him. He’s a Trump supporter.”

Mr. Prempeh tells the man, “That’s their basis. They think that police reform is stupid. They think that school choice is stupid. They think term limits for Congress is stupid. They believe that immigration reform for the people that are here is stupid. They believe that rebuilding the inner cities and infrastructure is stupid.”

Mr. Prempeh asked the daughter, “When did he call Ghana a sh*thole?”

She responded, “That’s what your president said!”

Mr. Prempeh asked again, “When did he call Ghana a sh*thole? When? When? OK.”

The daughtered stated, “You’re advocating for him, look at you! You’re a sheep!”

Mr. Prempeh asked the mother and daughter, “You see this? They’re shaking her head at you. They’re shaking their head at you.”

The mother called out, “Don’t vote for him!”

“You. they’re shaking their head at you! Thank you! Because you’re actually bringing people to the crowd,” Mr. Prempeh wanted to point out what their behavior was causing.

Another video, Mr. Prempeh stated, “This is what a Saturday looks like.”

The mother stated, “I’m so proud! My 15-year-old daughter…knows more than you!”

Mr. Prempeh questioned, “You’re proud? Oh, wow. Yeah. I’m glad you think that.”

Mr. Prempeh stated, “But what changes in this country doesn’t start from the president. It starts in the Congress and works its way up. So I believe. Absolutely. What I do is, I’m from Patterson, New Jersey. Right. I believe in rebuilding out inner cities and building out infrastructure. I’m from Patterson, New Jersey. Thirty year of my life.”

A man talking to Prempeh asked, “Why are you Republican?”

Prempeh responded, “Because the Democrats Have done nothing but ostracize me, brother.”

The man stated, “We need to get away from party politics.”

“I agree with you,. I’d rather an independent than any other party at the end of the day, bro. ” stated Prempeh.

The mother continued to call out, “Don’t vote for him! He’s a Trump supporter!”

Prempeh does not support defunding the police and urges voters to know that needed changes begin with local governments.

Prempeh has stated before,”Does New Jersey want a congressman who supports defunding our police? Does New Jersey want a congressman that makes it harder for our residents to protect themselves? Does New Jersey want a congressman that makes it easier for drugs to get into our country and flood our streets? I know you don’t. Neither do I. That’s why I’m running against 23-year do-nothing Congressman Bill Pascrell to represent the New Jersey 9th Congressional District. I’m Billy Prempeh. Together, let’s put New Jersey back.”

The altercation ended with multiple people chanting ‘vote for Billy’

Click below to watch!

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