WATCH: BLM Harasses Politicians At The RNC (VIDEO)

Black Lives Matter activists harassed politicians and attendees leaving the Republican National Convention and mobs in the streets of Washington, D.C. clashed with the police.

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One BLM activist questioned Vernon Jones, “Congressman. Are you a Black Trump supporter?”

Others asked and answered for him, “What’s your position? He’s for Trump. He’s been in power. What is your position?”

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Other activists yelled, “He’s in congress!” and also to “Get your b*tch a** out”.

A reporter asked Vernon Jones how he was doing and wanted to ask him a few questioned.

Vernon Jones responded to the reporter, “I just want to get my guest to the hotel. I don’t want to-. I just want to get my guest to the hotel.”

The reporter continues to ask, “You spoke at the RNC, right? I watched you speak.”

Things started to escalate and police started to disperse the crowd to escort the couple away.

A couple was leaving from the RNC walking, an activist stated, “Answer the f***ing question”.

Another individual who seems to be a reporter asked the man, “Sir, you just came back from our President’s RNC speech?”

The man then turned to the other activist and stated, “Watch your language”.

Activist yells back, “Answer the f***ing question!!!”. And repeatedly curses back at him.

The same activist questioned the couple and states after being pushed away by the man, “How do you feel about the killing of Black individuals in America? Put your hands on me again and I’ll f*** you up!”.

Senator Rand Paul was harassed by protesters as police officers escorted him to safety.

BLM Activists were chanting to Rand Paul, “Say her name!”

Other activists were saying, “It’s Breonna Taylor!”

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