WATCH: CNN Reporter Suggests Ted Cruz’s Young Daughters Should Be In Jail

Posted 1.28.2020 by Steeve Strange

A CNN reporter was filmed saying that Senator Ted Cruz’s children should be in jail.

Brian Karem of CNN asked Senator Ted Cruz during a press conference about the impeachment trial of President Trump, “So basically what they said is Hunter Biden got a job. His dad was Vice President. If that’s a crime. I mean, shouldn’t half of your children be in prison?”

Senator Ted Cruz slammed the liberal CNN reporter, Brian Karem, for implying that Senator Cruz has committed crimes that justify jailing his 9-year-old and 11-year-old kids.

“My children are nine and eleven,” responded an obviously irritated Cruz.  “And I’m sorry that you want to throw a 9-year-old in prison, but at this point, my third grader plays basketball and softball at her school. So, so stop playing the nasty. No, no. Stop playing the nasty Washington game.”

Karem attempted to deny that he was playing any games: “That’s not a nasty Washington game.”

Cruz responded, “Attacking a 9-year-old? Alright.”

Senator Cruz went on to explain why John Bolton’s testimony is unnecessary for the Senate impeachment trial.

“I don’t believe the testimony is necessary. The House Managers have a burden of proof, a burden of proof to prove their case. They have fallen woefully short. The standard under the Constitution is high crimes and misdemeanors,” said Cruz.

Cruz continued, “They have not demonstrated any law was violated and the president was entirely justified in asking for an investigation of corruption concerning Ukraine and potentially Hunter Biden and Joe Biden. Look, in my view, additional witnesses are not necessary. The House Managers have presented their case. They haven’t come remotely close to meeting their burden of proof. Now, that being said, if the Senate later this week, when we vote on witnesses, decides to go down the road to additional witnesses, I think at a minimum, the most important witness for the Senate to hear from is now Hunter Biden.”

Cruz finished the interview by roasting the Obama Administration for its incompetence and reiterated that President Trump has the authority to investigate corruption.

“The Obama Administration pointed out the conflict of interest [with Hunter Biden] over and over and over again. And so did the press until it until the press decided to defend the House Democrats’ partisan impeachment attack. This has been a sham from the beginning. Presidents have the authority to investigate corruption.”



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