WATCH: College Student Records Professor’s Shocking Rant About Trump (VIDEO)

Ester Shapiro is a psychology professor at the University of Massachusetts who was filmed calling Trump a ‘Nazi’, a ‘child molester’ and silenced a student who said that she does not believe that he is a Nazi much to Shapiro’s dismay.

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In a video call to 68 students, Shapiro claimed, “We have the Republican militias with armbands preparing to go to the polling booths. They are preparing for election suppression, for voter suppression. I didn’t used to talk politics. I used to be very attentive to my job as a professor who taught based on evidence and not based on politics.”

The professor continued, “The only Republican strategy right now. And look, I didn’t used to say Republican, Democrat, but now that we have Nazis, we got to do it.”

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A student responded, “I don’t think Donald Trump’s a Nazi.”

Shapiro tells the student, “OK, all right. Great, Mary. This is not the debate I’d like to have. You asked me a question. And let’s have this offline, OK? I’ve got to be done with Mary. I’m very [interrupts student] glad to share my-. Share the resources I have to understand.”

The student, Mary, brought up the issue of human trafficking and the professor mockingly replied that they can talk about it’ some other time.’

Mary asked, “Can I say something, please? It’s about those children at the border. Are you aware of how many children are trafficked into this country?”

The professor answered, “Oh, Mary, of course I am.”

Mary continued, “Because I think that’s a really big human rights issue that no one speaks about.”

Shapiro stated, “And so, Mary, you would like us to talk about trafficked children? All right. Let’s do it some other time.”

Professor Shapiro also made a questionable remark saying that she doesn’t usually go to ‘Jewish focused events.’ The event in question was for a book about a woman learning her grandfather was a Nazi.

Shapiro stated, “I was recently, before the pandemic, at a very beautiful event at Brandeis University. I don’t often go to Jewish-focused events. [It was about a] German descent woman. She came through Brazil and she discovered, by being a detective historian, that her grandfather in Brazil had been in secret, the head of the SS.”

Shapiro continued, “We’re all sitting around. This was an event to speak to, what do we need to know about our histories. And all of us there, the writers, the discussants, the scholars, the survivors. We thought this would never happen again. We thought we were never going to see fascism of the Nazi Germany sort ever again. We now have children on the border in cages. We have the criminalization of immigrants. We have a criminal who’s a president and who’s going down in flames. Don’t think he’s not. Trafficking is an abomination, Mary, as is a president who is willing to talk in public about of having s** with his daughter. Just saying.”

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