WATCH: Congressman Jim Jordan Questions Google CEO About Election Interference (VIDEO)

Posted 7.30.2020 by Joe Visconti

The CEOs of Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple testified in Congress focused on their competitive tactics and content moderation. Republican Jim Jordan grilled Google CEO Sundar Pichai on whether Google will “tailor its features’ to help Joe Biden’s campaign.

Google’s CEO responded by, “Congressman, we approach our work. We support both campaigns today. We think political ads is an important part of free speech in democratic societies and we engage with campaigns, you know, according to law and we approach our work in a nonpartisan way.”

Congressman Jordan asked again, “It’s a yes or no question. Can you assure Americans today you won’t tailor your features to help Joe Biden in the upcoming election?”

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Congressman Jordan gets further in stating, “This is a simple question. Can you today assure Americans you will not tailor your features in any way to help specifically help one candidate over another? This-. What I’m concerned about as is you helping Joe Biden over President Trump.”

Google CEO finally answers, “We won’t do any work, you know it, to politically tilt anything one way or another. It’s against our core values.”

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Congress Jim Jordan reminds the Google CEO, “But you did it in 2016. There’s an email in 2016 that was widely circulated among the executives at your company that got public, where Miss Eliana Murillo, head of your multicultural marketing, talks about the silent donation Google made to the Clinton campaign. And you applauded her work. She’s points that out in the email. I’m just curious if you did it in 16. I want to make it, you know. In spite of the fact you did it in 16, President Trump won. I just want to make sure you’re not gonna do it again in 2020.”

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